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Centre Think Tank
Centrist think tank

Centre Think Tank is a centrist cross party think tank and pressure group based in the United Kingdom[1]. It supports a "...comprehensive welfare state alongside free markets"[2] by publishing papers, policies and articles on those subjects.


The think tank was set up as a company on the 16th of January 2020[1] but it was preceded by the organisations Liberal Leave, a section of Vote Leave[3], and New Liberals[4].


As a campaigning group it has supported calls such as being a part of an open letter in the The Sunday Times|Sunday Times calling for a Proportional Property Tax[5]. As part of this, the think tank was included in written evidence to the Treasury Select Committee[6].

Its members have also called for an end to Selective school|academic selection and the system of grammar schools and secondary moderns that remain in some areas of England and Northern Ireland[7]. This included their Director, Torrin Wilkins, writing to the Labour Party (UK)|Labour Party policy forum on the issue[8].

They also support UK membership of the European Free Trade Association, something highlighted in their interview with the leader of the Liberal Democrats (UK)|Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey[9] during the 2020 Liberal Democrats leadership election.

As part of their campaigns they have joined various coalitions and partnered with organisations such as Make Votes Matter[10], the Lift the Ban coalition[11] and the Liberal Conservatives[12].


The organisation has published several papers[13], the publication itself having an International Standard Serial Number[14]. Their fourth paper called for students to be able to use toilets' during lessons[15] which was covered by the Free Market Conservatives[16].

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Centre published two reports[17][18] proposing solutions for those excluded from the governments British government response to the COVID-19 pandemic|furlough scheme and the British government response to the COVID-19 pandemic|Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). The latter of these on expanding furlough was covered by the The Yorkshire Post|Yorkshire Post[19] and received a response from HM Treasury[20].


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