Cash Cartier

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Cash Cartier
Kaleb Mickens
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Entrepreneur
  • digital marketer
  • stock trader
  • social media influencer
  • investor
  • internet personality
OrganizationWalking ATMS
Known forNetwork marketing, investing, trading

Kaleb Mickens better known by name Cash Cartier, is an American serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, stock trader, social media influencer, investor, internet personality and former footballer.[1] He is considered a prolific network marketer and brand-builder for individuals and companies by several media houses. Cash Cartier has a background in social media management and has built a massive following on his social handles.[2]

Cartier is known for building digital brands for high profile clientele through networking marketing and other media solutions. He developed an interest in business at an early age and became a day trader and investor. Cartier is considered as a pioneer in the network marketing industry and in a very short span of time, he has been in the top .05% of income earners in the world.[3]

Cartier has been regarded as the “King of Network marketing”. He has been widely covered by the high-tier news and media publications including ForbesIndia, IBtimes, Influencive, Benzinga, Thrive Global and several others.

Early life and education

Cartier had an interest in football right from his childhood. He followed his passion and played football in the Indoor Football League (IFL), a professional indoor football league for several years. After the IFL, he got bad financials and was in huge debts. He also had to work at a restaurant where he also bussed tables.


At the age of 22, Cartier started his career as an entrepreneur. He first helped his mentor who has founded the Walking ATMs, that educated people about the stock and financial markets. Cartier soon became a full time day trader and investor. During this time, after deep research and technical analysis, he invested in stocks, cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange and was able to generate multi fold income from his different businesses.

Cartier has the ability to build strong relationships with people and soon entered the network marketing industry. In a very short span of time, he was able to generate well over $4 million annual revenue for his company, which put him into the forefront of the industry and was in the top .05% of income earners in the world. Cartier became the face of the network marketing industry and has well over 3,000 global clients.

Cartier’s endeavours started raising attention and he was able to garner a huge following on his social media handles. Shortly, he was considered as a major internet personality, who built a list of prolific clientele, looking for better digital marketing, search visibility and social media traction.

He started travelling and coached people how to successfully trade forex to help them reach their goals and dreams. Cartier also guides individuals on how to start a business, focus on savings and making better financial decisions.


Cartier speaks at conferences and industry events on the topics of entrepreneurship, investing, stock trading, cryptocurrencies and forex. [4]


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