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Calvin Lo
Calvin Lo.PNG
NationalityHong Kong
  • Businessperson
  • Philanthropist
  • Investor
Known for
  • CEO of R.E. Lee Internationa
  • Founder of R.E. Lee Capital
Net worthUS$1.7 billion (2019)[1]

Calvin Lo (Chinese: 盧啟賢) is a Hong Kong based billionaire entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.[2][3] Lo is best known for his company, R.E. Lee International, the world’s largest and considered as the most successful life insurance broker company.[4] He has also founded a wealth management company, R.E. Lee Capital, that manages portfolios for HNI and businesses.

Calvin Lo’s net worth is estimated at US$1.7 billion by Forbes.[5] He is Asia’s largest collector of champagnes and has gained media attention for his US$230 million champagne order during his France visit in 2018.


Calvin Lo joined his family owned R.E. Lee International, a business empire founded in 1954.[6] The company works as a life insurance brokerage firm, that offers business succession planning and financial decisions for heirs and estate planning for ultra HNIs.[7] Lo expanded the business into asset management and founded R.E. Lee Capital. The firm now manages over US$8 billion assets.[8]

In 2018, LO bought the Mandarin Oriental Taipei, a five star luxurious hotel in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan, for US$1.24 billion.[9][10] The deal covered the hotel building and its 149,446.13 square feet land.[11][12][13]

In 2020, through his private investment company, R.E. Lee Octagon, Lo successfully acquired the legendary motor racing team Williams Grand Prix Holdings, or Williams F1, for US$100 million.[14][15][16]

Wealth and philanthropy

In 2019, Lo was ranked by Forbes as the 43rd richest person in Hong Kong with an estimated net worth of US$1.7 billion.[17] Public filings show that Lo has set up different charitable trusts in the Cayman Islands worth US$245 million for his philanthropic initiatives.[18][19]

Lo also worked closely with the Jane Goodall Institute from 2006 to 2018 as their board member.[20] He is a strong advocate and undertaken a wide range of efforts for welfare of animals, community and environment.[21]

During Covid pandemic in 2020, Lo donated US$13 million, thousands of masks and sanitizers to help needy and less fortunate people in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Wuhan.[22]

Personal life

Lo rarely appears in the media and is often named as Hong Kong's most eligible bachelor.[23]

Lo currently lives in a mansion worth US$70 million in The Peak, Hong Kong. He owns a fleet of luxurious cars including Pagani Huayra BC and private jets.[24][25]


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