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Calcium4Bones NFT

Calcium4Bones NFT is a collection of 11,155 unique badass bones living in the Ethereum Blockchain under the standard ERC-1155. The Calcium Factory provides access to NFTs, ETH airdrops and other cool prices with unique rewards per category. Holders of the featured Bones will receive ownership royalties in ETH. C4B NFT holders may participate in BONE GRINDING which includes NFT giveaways; ETH giveaways; surprise giveaways; treasure hunting; fanart competitions; and photography competitions. Its members can expect play-to-earn possibilities, upgraded art pieces, side collections in the same ecosystem, and animations, to mention a few. Perks include participation in NFT lotteries, discounts on merchandise products, future staking rewards, and a host of other rewards.[1]


The collection’s fictional backstory occurs in 2055, depicting a world suffering from famine and diseases due to overpopulation and climate change. Nations went to war due to the rising tension, leaving a chemical reaction and radiation behind from the missiles used in the war. The chemical radiation made skeletons of dead victims come back to life as the new dominant civilization of the planet, but they need calcium to survive.[2]

C4B NFT targets cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It offers them timeless art, impeccable drawing styles, a long-term project with valuable utilities, and a friendly community of like-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In addition, the project will also enter the Metaverse and create a new monetary system while giving its holders access to Play-2-Earn games.[3]

The bone-themed NFT project essentially symbolizes freedom within the metaverse, where community members are free to express themselves no matter who they are. The collection is also meant to match future applications that will add value to the experiences of future holders.

  • Pre-sale Price per Bone: 0.045ETH + gas fees
  • Main sale Price per Bone: 0.055 ETH + gas fees

Presale will open 24 hours before the Public Mint for those members whitelisted.


Connect your Metamask wallet to the C4B website by clicking on the ‘CONNECT METAMASK’ button. Once your wallet is connected, select how many BONES you would like to mint, and click the ‘MINT’ button. Then accept the transaction through Metamask. Once you have executed the transaction, check your wallet and you should find your NFTs.[4]

C4B collection will be deployed under the standard ERC-1155. This token standard represents a significant improvement over the earlier ERC-721 mainly for two reasons: first, it supports batch operations with the same gas fees, so the cost of minting 2 or more NFTs becomes cheaper; and second, tokens are safer and transactions can be reverted if there is a transaction error.[5]

Each wallet will be able to mint a maximum of 20 bones;10 during pre-sale.

Types and attributes

The Collection has 300+ different hand-drawn traits that are carefully designed to satisfy the digital art standards of collectors. Each Bone will have its unique rarity distributed among 6 different tiers and will be the key to access the C4B society and all of its benefits.

The characters will be randomly generated during minting and will combine various traits composed of headpieces, eyes, clothing, accessories, and even smiles. One noticeable attribute of these characters is the kind of personality they depict with their smiles, grins, or smirks. With these traits, there is a special kind of personality that represents all sorts of investors within the metaverse.

Roadmap of C4B NFT

The pre-sale of C4B NFTs will be on February 16th and its main sale will go live on February 17th, 2022. Launch will be split into 3 stages: Stage 1 (Pioneer Bones) will have 2.000 Bones available to mint. Holders of these initial Bones will be rewarded with 5% of funds raised in Stage 2 and 3 plus an exclusive T-Shirt. Stage 2 (Settler Bones) will consist of 4.000 NFTs available, whose holders will be rewarded with a 5% of funds raised in Stage 3; Stage 3 (Bones Society) will consist of the remaining available bones. The grand reveal of the NFT will occur 7 days after the main sale and rarity tools will also be activated on the same day.[6]

In the second phase of the roadmap, after the public sales have started, members can look forward to giveaways, ETH giveaways, and even surprise rewards. The details of the treasure hunt will be revealed closer to the launching date. A fan art competition for pixelated bones and yet another one for psychedelic bones is also expected.[7]

Once C4B reaches the 50% milestone, it will introduce the Bones Store, where exclusive merchandise will be made available to members. So far, members can see on the website what the community hoodies will look like. The 80% milestone will introduce the construction of the Calcium Factory. Members can stake their bones to generate calcium. This will automatically qualify them to have access to lottery tickets, different vaults depending on their bones’ rarity tier, and even special discounts.

An animated series will launch three months after the public mint and its first season will consist of six episodes. These episodes will feature real NFTs from the Collections, and will bring royalties to these NFTs Holders depending on the number of visualizations.

A follow-up NFT collection, The Survivors is also on the cards of C4B NFT.



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