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C.U.B Kingdom NFT
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Developer(s)C.U.B Kingdom

C.U.B Kingdom NFT is an Ethereum-based NFT project that allows buyers to purchase and sell C.U.B Kingdom tokens.[1] The project features 3D tigers with 200 handpicked traits created by a premier animation studio in Singapore. C.U.B Kingdom NFT is the first Non-fungible token project that is monetizing its own tokens for internal events and games and establishing real-world hideouts throughout the globe for its community members.[2]

Inspired by the Chinese tiger character, the C.U.B Kingdom NFT project will operate as a community-curated DAO to reinvest the funds in other business verticals.[3]


There are a limited number of tigers in the C.U.B Kingdom NFT project, all of them created digitally with the use of blockchain technology. The tigers have been generated algorithmically and can be minted as a non-fungible token (NFT). It is a purpose-driven art project that will allow its holders to meet in real-world hideouts to experience the community.[4]

Although there are several 3D pixel art collections, none of them have a pioneer of 3D design created by the C.U.B Kingdom team. One of the key features of the NFT is that each tiger is unique, inspired by the fact that no two tigers have the same stripes.[5]


The ownership of C.U.B Kingdom can be verified using a standard smart contract on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. Each C.U.B Kingdom token is represented as a non-fungible token on ETH. Owners of C.U.B Kingdom NFTs may offer them for sale via an auction at a price determined in ETH.[6]



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