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Bhooka Saand
IndustryDigital Media
FounderPujneet Singh

Bhooka Saand is a food blog/vlog created by Pujneet Singh with the aim to showcase fresh, interesting content related to food on a single platform. The blog was launched in July 2017, and since then has started to release an episode every weekend. His channel quickly grew in popularity, attributed to her upbeat attitude and his strict adherence to local Indian food.[1][2][3]

Bhooka denotes hunger for success and Saand stands for power and stamina. Pujneet throughout his career has worked with numerous renowned food chains including Pizza-hut for Policy Bazaar, Pepsi, Lipton, Domino's, Chayos, Likee app, Filmora, Colgate, Magicpin, Kwality walls and others. Pujneet, after gaining much recognition with Bhooka Saand, was invited as a speaker at YouTube fanfest 2019.[4]


Bhooka Saand was created by Pujneet Singh, an IT professional with over a decade’s experience and a knack for blogging with a love for tasting innovative and new food items. Pujneet covers a vast range of options and makes sure to offer his views honest reviews. He also shares recipes of dishes from multiple cuisines. Pujneet aims at creating content for food places and small food vendors who can’t afford or have the knowledge to invest in promotion.[5][6]

Bhooka Saand started posting food review videos in September 2017 on youtube and quickly became a hit. This brought Pujneet much recognition and acclaim and within 1 year his channel became YouTube’s food review top choice and earned a Silver Play Button.

In light of his success, Pujneed even began hosting the show Staraan Naal Dinner, wherein he invites numerous B-town celebrities to try out and review new food dishes with him. Some of the Bollywood stars like Arjun Kapoor, TV star and minister Smriti Irani and other renowned TV stars started following his blogs.[7]


Bhooka Saand has attained over 650,000 followers, making it one of the most popular Indian food review channels on YouTube. The channel's growth has been driven by fans promoting its videos on social media platforms.[8]


Pujneet Singh’s concept of Bhooka Sand has helped numerous food vendors across the capital city - Delhi to gain much-needed recognition. Not only that, under the leadership of Pujneet, Bhooka Saand has been able to reach people passionate about food and helped them discover newer and underrated places, the ones whose owners are unable to invest much in publicizing.[9]


Pujneet Singh is a highly experienced IT professional working as IT Head in a US firm based in New Delhi. He is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi. He has been credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos that center on food.[10]

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