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Benito Graffagnino
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Born (1993-02-20) February 20, 1993 (age 29)
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom

Benito Graffagnino (born 20th February 1993) is an British entrepreneur, activist, and author. He is an ex-convicted drug smuggler and drug dealer, who is currently known for actively supporting prisoners’ rights.[1]

Graffagnino has also contributed to podcasts and debates on the topic of criminal rehabilitation. He has also published two non-profit books about crime, punishment, and drug and alcohol addiction based on his personal experiences.

Early life

Graffagnino was born on 20 February 1993 in Bristol, England. Graffagnino. He grew up in the foster care system where he changed over 20 foster homes due to his reckless behavior. Graffagnino eventually succumbed to the darker side of the streets and began selling Ecstasy and prescription drugs. Soon he ended by serving three years for various drug offenses.

He was issued an additional six months for attempted GBH on a prison official at Portland Prison while serving time in no less than seven jails. He spent a significant portion of his custody sentence in solitary confinement. During this time, Graffagnino was accepted into a Youth Offenders rehabilitation program and completed 4 GCSEs and other courses.


During his time in prison, Graffagnino decided to work as a prison samaritan, listener, and certified mental health advisor. Graffagnino completed a year of drug and alcohol recovery after being released from jail, as well as assisting ex-offenders in reintegrating into society. He was also recognized by local MPs for his work with the homeless and former drug addicts.

He successfully petitioned to have the Long Hills Hostel in Bristol closed down. Graffagnino reported extensive drug usage, alcohol abuse, and staff not addressing these issues at this hostel. After his official complaint, inspectors visited the hostel and gave it 60 days to make improvements or face closure.

Graffagnino then moved to Peru, where he presently lives and runs many tourism-related businesses. He donates a part of each business' profits to Peru's underprivileged areas.

Graffagnino launched "Fight for the Pueblo" in September 2021, a project to provide food, drug rehabilitation, and support services to Peru's lower-class neighborhoods, noting a wide gap in the country's socio-economic structure. In 2022 Graffagnino plans to open a “Casa de Comedor”, a free restaurant in the poorer areas of Peru with money raised through his charity fundraising.

Personal life

Graffagnino was arrested by Colombian authorities in October 2018 but later freed without charge for allegedly being involved in the supply/trafficking of cocaine, a claim he fiercely denies.


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