Ben Meiers

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Ben Meiers
Ben Meiers.JPG
Born (1996-04-02) April 2, 1996 (age 27)
Nambour, Queensland, Australia
EducationParkdale Secondary School
OccupationEmergency Services
Years active2014 - present
OrganizationCFA (Country Fire Authority)
Known forThird Lieutenant of Springvale CFA and Raising money for charities
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
TitleThird Lieutenant

Ben Meiers (born 2 April 1996) is an Australian philanthropist and Third Lieutenant of the Springvale Fire Brigade. He is best known for his community activism and is often seen volunteering at a number of charity events including Eureka 88 Stair Climb and Run4Blue. His contribution to the community is highly appreciated throughout Victoria.[1]

Meiers is the recipient of the Chief Officer’s Commendation 2018. He is passionate about participating in charity events and giving back to the community.

Early life and education

Meiers was born in a small town named Nambour situated in Queensland, Australia. He dropped out of Parkdale Secondary School to obtain certificates in retail operations. He later on pursued a diploma course in Policing.


Meiers started volunteering with Country Fire Authority at the age of 18. Meiers in just two years of his joining was voted for the role of Third Lieutenant of the Springvale Fire Brigade.[2] He achieved so by applying for multiple courses and sessions as an attempt to hone his skills. Meiers is incharge of community events and ensures other volunteer members of the brigade have adequate PPE/PPC.

Meiers is passionate about attending charity events and raising money. Meiers has completed the Melbourne FireFighter stair climb and also the Eureka 88 Stair Climb 3 years in a row.[3] Meiers participated in both these events in full PPE/PPC that weighs 26kg. Money raised from these events goes to fighting PTSD and the Fred Hollows Foundation. Meiers has also completed the 'Run4Blue' 159km challenge to help raise money for the Police Legacy in relation to the 4 police officers that were tragically killed in May 2020.[4]


Meiers is the recipient of Chief Officer’s Commendation 2018. He also received a five year certificate of service from the CFA. Meiers was also claimed FireFighter of the year in 2016 and 2017 at the Springvale Fire Brigade.

Personal life

Meiers during his time at the CFA developed long standing friendships especially with his mentor David Nguyen who helped Meiers through thick and thin.[5]



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