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Become Legendary NFT
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Become Legendary NFT is a collection of 11,999 uniquely designed NFTs hosted on an interplanetary file system (IPFS) and existing on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The NFTs are categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements.[1]

Become Legendary NFT is a business-focused NFT project that aims to promote education and entrepreneurship by leveraging the power of Blockchain. The collection intends to appeal to business owners and provide them with valuable resources to help them grow and expand their firms.[2]


Become Legendary NFT is the brainchild of Z3US, who is a serial entrepreneur best known as the owner of the Olymp. The project aims to attract business-minded people interested in Metaverse, online marketing, cryptocurrency and other business topics.[3]

The collection witnessed its public sale in phase three of its launch which was further split into three rounds. The price of each NFT is at 0.2 ETH and is capped at 10 NFTs per wallet.

The Business Olymp Currency and the Business Olymp Coin, a business community where members can use the coin to buy digital services from other members - the major USPs of becoming Legendary have attracted a lot of attention for this project. Through physical and online platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and Instagram this project has been building a large network of entrepreneurs in the community.

Since its launch, the project has released its Legendary mobile application that acts as an education platform, where business education classes take place and videos are uploaded regularly. The application also hosts weekly AMAs on specific topics. The project has also been adamant on its previously decided scheduling that indicates that Become Legendary will host 3-4 events every year. The first event will take place on 1st and 2nd June 2022 in Dubai, the second in the first week in October in South Africa. Become Legendary NFT will also eventually begin hosting a Shark Tank-like event every two months where members of the community can pitch their projects. To fund this unique concept, Become Legendary adds 10% of the royalties to its incubator fund!


The Become Legendary NFT Project comprises five phases:

Phase 1 was further bifurcated into three parts. In the initial mint sale, a total of 1,500 NFTs were sold at 0.17 ETH. In the second sale, 3,500 NFTs were sold at 0.185 ETH. In the third sale, which is currently live, 6,999 NFTs have been sold at 0.2 ETH.

In Phase 2 the token holders will be able to start a membership area and begin the education and token production which they will be able to AirDrop at the end of the month. In this phase, the holders will also be able to pitch their startup project and even earn a reward of up to 60,000,- USD. Become Legendary will also host weekly AMAs and webinars on specific topics in this phase.

The details for the third, fourth, and fifth phases have not been released as of 2022, but are soon to be announced in the upcoming future.



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