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Beard Baubles
IndustryCreative Advertising
Founded2014; 9 years ago (2014)
FounderPauline Ashford & Mike Kennedy
Area served
Key people
  • Pauline Ashford
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Jimmy Niggles
  • Grey London
ProductsBeard Baubles

Beard Baubles is a creative concept and product developed by Pauline Ashford and Mike Kennedy in 2014.[1][2] It is a viral trend of decorating facial hair with small Christmas baubles and hair-clips in such a manner that resembles a Christmas tree.[3][4] Within a month of its inception, the idea gained worldwide popularity, attracting millions of customers.[5][6][7][8]

The fascinating idea by Pauline and Mike has been featured in countless media outlets, including USA Today, ABC News, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, MTV, CNBC, Channel 5, The Telegraph, Good Morning Britain and a significant number more.[9][10][11]


Beard Baubles was created by Pauline Ashford and Mike Kennedy in December 2014. The inception of this soon-to-be viral concept was initially for Grey London’s festive card. Grey London is the advertising agency for which both Pauline and Mike worked for as Creatives at that time. The first printed copies of their idea, which consisted of small baubles on the beards of Grey London staff members, made a lasting impression on the founders, making them realize that their idea can be turned into a groundbreaking marketable product and not simply be confined as a photography shoot.

Soon, many staff members at Grey London adopted the Beard Baubles. Seeing the popularity of the concept amongst staff, the company reached out to a charity client in Australia, Jimmy Niggles, founder of (an initiative that encourages men to grow beards to protect their neck from melanomas). Jimmy Niggles supported the marketing and advertising campaign of the concept on his social media channels, and within a few days, Beard Baubles was featured on multiple media outlets globally. Also captivated by Beard Baubles, several broadcasters interviewed Pauline and Mike in relation to their idea.

The idea of Beard Baubles by Pauline and Mike gained worldwide popularity exponentially, which resulted in a shortage of available product. To please the customers who were unable to buy Beard Baubles in 2014, Pauline and Mike released a how-to video on YouTube that helped people make their own Beard Baubles at home.

All the money made by Pauline and Mike for their idea has been donated to charity; and more recently, Cancer Research UK.

The festive trend of decorating facial hair to resemble a Christmas tree has continued to be a popular trend each year, during the months of November and December. Since 2014, hundreds of national retailers and companies in various countries have released their own versions of the original idea by Pauline and Mike.

In 2016, Pauline and Mike furthered their initial idea, expanding it to other variants such as Beard Lights, Beard Bells, and Beard Bunting as an extension of Beard Baubles.

Presently the founders of this viral idea don’t make or sell Beard Baubles and have licensed their idea - including the Beard Baubles variants - to a UK-based distributor of novelty gifts. Pauline and Mike have since left Grey London but still work in the advertising industry.

Beard Baubles as a company is no longer active, but there are many companies since 2014 who have come to sell a similar version of Beard Baubles.


The idea of Beard Baubles by Pauline and Mike earned a Creative Circle Award in 2015.


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