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BeVeg International
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Fashion
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Consumer Products & Services
Founded2017; 7 years ago (2017)
FounderCarissa Kranz
HeadquartersPalm Beach Gardens,
United States of America

BeVeg International is an American company that offers global vegan certification, BeVeg Certified, for products, services, and manufacturing facilities globally.[1] The BeVeg certified vegan trademark indicates that the product has successfully passed vegan quality assurance criteria, audits, standards, and tests conducted by or as set out by BeVeg International.[2] The BeVeg international vegan qualification criteria is recognized by and accredited according to ISO 17065. [3][4]

It was founded in 2017 by attorney Carissa Kranz as a Limited Liability Company with the aim to standardize a vegan definition in order to legitimize vegan claims worldwide.[5] BeVeg is internationally recognised for its trademark vegan certification programs for vegan consumer goods and services, from all industry sectors like food and beverage, textiles and fashion, cosmetics and makeup, manufacturing facilities and private label, and vegan alcohol.[6]

BeVeg International is the world’s first defined vegan product certification scheme according to the international standards under ISO 17065. BeVeg is also accredited accredited as a conformity assessment program, which brings cohesive integrity to global vegan verification claims. The major focus of BeVeg International is to raise awareness about veganism and regulate transparency in consumer products in a way that is uniform, reliable, and binding. The company offers different types of certifications for products, alcohol and businesses.[7][8]

BeVeg is accredited by NAC, the National Accreditation Center, which is part of the world accreditation forum. BeVeg founder, Carissa Kranz, a Super Lawyer and vegan from birth, has been featured in a number of leading media outlets including Forbes, FOX News, NBC News, ABC, Vogue, CBS, VegNews and others.[9]


BeVeg International was founded in 2017 by Carissa Kranz, a vegan from birth. BeVeg International vegan standards are managed by and drafted by the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz. The BeVeg vegan certification standards are run by the Law Firm, which is made up of attorney advocates serving as compliance counselors.

Kranz founded BeVeg with the aim to promote awareness around veganism and with the goal of bringing consumer transparency, credibility, integrity and truth in labeling laws for vegan claims. The company started out by administering vegan certification trademarks in the food and beverage industry and later expanded into clothing, cosmetics, textiles and other industries. By offering such accredited certifications, BeVeg has made it possible for the consumers to easily identify products made without animal-derived ingredients.

BeVeg follows a pre-set process before providing certification to its clients. This process includes ingredient research, supply chain investigation, surveillance sampling, on-site inspections, and lab testing in order to adhere to the BeVeg vegan conformity assessment program. Once clients are certified vegan by BeVeg, the trademark stands for the client’s independent verification of quality and integrity along with the products and services offered by them.

BeVeg released a free consumer phone application that comprises over one million alcoholic beverages including vegan wine, vegan liquor and vegan beer.[10] This application allows the consumers to search for vegan alcohol options and suggest changes to the database.[11]


BeVeg has two internationally accredited vegan logos with global trademark protection.

BeVeg Vegan Product Trademark

BeVeg Vegan Product Trademark

This trademark is used on BeVeg certified food, non-alcoholic beverages, textiles, cosmetics, and businesses. It is the only vegan certification trademark that is law-firm-issued and recognized internationally by international ISO standards for adhering to industry best practices. This trademark is granted only to the products that contain no animal-derived ingredients and have not been tested on animals.[12]

BeVeg Vegan Alcohol Trademark

BeVeg Vegan Alcohol Trademark

This is the world’s first and only trademark that applies specifically for vegan alcohol.[13] The BevVeg vegan trademark is internationally recognized as an accredited vegan symbol by international ISO standards, and is one of the certification programs offered by BeVeg.[14][15]


BeVeg provides additional support and advisory services to the projects that incorporate social responsibility towards vegan solutions. In order to prevent cross-contamination and minimize risk associated with zoonotic diseases attributed to animal exploitation, BeVeg carries out vegan factory quality assessments, and food safety and health evaluations for manufacturing facilities, brand owners, and private labels alike. The company also provides extensive training programmes to auditors, manufacturing facilities, and certification bodies to ensure industry best practices and vegan integrity is maintained. These Certification programs follow a standardised format that includes research, testing, inspection, audit, certification and consultancy services in order to ensure the credibility of the clients. The BeVeg vegan standard that is lawyer drafted is a licensable scheme under ISO 17067 for certification bodies around the world to be trained on and use as a turn key program to be used in concert with their other global certification programs already administered (like organic, kosher, no palm oil, non-gmo, gluten-free).

Vegan Product Certification

This certification is applicable to food, beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, textiles, footwear, toys, hardware, household products, formulated products, vitamins, fashion, furniture, cleaning supplies, electrical and electronics, and other consumer goods.[16]

Vegan Business Certification

This certification is provided to vegan service businesses like restaurant owners, hotels, spas, vegan academies, and other services and businesses that claim to be 100% vegan in mission and services.[17] The BeVeg vegan membership program for services legitimizes and standardizes vegan claims; adding credibility to vegan services offered to the clients.[18]

Vegan Alcohol Certification

This certification ensures that no animal or animal-derived ingredients are used in the fining process of alcohol clarification and stabilization.[19] BeVeg also ensures full ingredient disclosure, audits, and lab tests to keep disclosures honest and accountable. The Tobacco and Trade Bureau does not require ingredient and process disclosure on labels, and there are many ingredients beyond grapes and alcohol that go into making wines, beers, and spirits.[20][21]

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