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Bar Greenzaid
Bar Greenzaid.JPG
Born (2008-01-07) January 7, 2008 (age 16)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Alma mater
  • Makif Het High School
  • Open University
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
  • Eli Wacnin (father)
  • Julia Greenzaid (mother)
  • Champion of Israel Indoor Skydiving
  • First Position in IBA League

Bar Greenzaid (born January 7, 2008) is a multi-talented Israeli artist who is known for her singing, modeling, acting, athletic abilities, and social activism.[1][2][3]

Greenzaid is a young and promising artist who has already made a name for herself in various fields. She is a talented singer who has released nine singles, including "Fire," "Princesa," "Mi Amor,"[4] and "U Na Na Na," garnering widespread fame and recognition. She has amassed around 100 thousand followers on her official Instagram and TikTok handles. Greenzaid has also appeared in plays such as "Birthday for Homeland" and "Dr. Doolittle" alongside Tuvia Tsafir.[5]

Additionally, Greenzaid is an Israeli indoor skydiving champion, having received several accolades such as first prize in the freestyle junior category at the Israeli Championship and in the IBA World League.[6][7]

Early life and education

Greenzaid was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, by her parents, Eli Wacnin, a businessman, and Julia Greenzaid, who works in the insurance sector. Bar attended Makif Het High School in Ashdod and is now pursuing her bachelor’s in medicine from Open University. Her grandfather, Kosta Greenzaid, is a Holocaust survivor.

Bar began her career at a very young age, practicing the piano and honing her singing abilities. Bar hopes to emulate singers such as Alicia Keys, Barbra Streisand, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus.


Bar debuted in the music industry in 2019 with the release of her singles "Fire" and "Princesa," garnering huge popularity and a following. She sings fluently in Spanish, English, French, and Hebrew and holds the largest YouTube channel in Israel in the field of music, with 2.8 million followers. Her other notable singles include "Mi Amor and "U Na Na Na."[8]

Greenzaid is also a successful actress. She attended Beit Zvi School's youth workshops and has been acting in plays for about three years, performing alongside Tuvia Tsafir in two plays: "Birthday for Homeland" and "Dr. Doolittle." Currently, she is participating in a play called "Born to the Motherland with Grandpa Tovi," in which she stars alongside Tovia Tzafir.

In extreme sports, Bar has been named the Israel Champion in indoor skydiving for youth under 16 and is the first position holder in the IBA World League. She is also a champion athlete in the new sport of body aviation, having won first place in the "Freestyle Junior" category at the first Israeli championship held in the "Fly-Box" wind tunnel in Rishon Lezion.

Bar is also a social activist and has participated in diverse musical projects, including the Independence Day 2019 performances at Ashdod Falcon. She has been a part of the Head Festival Tik Tok Show in 2018–2019 and Walla News Breaking the Net in 2017–2018. Bar is a presenter of the Junona Fashion House brand at the Moscow Mercedes Fashion Show targeted at youth. She was also the youngest participant in San Remo Junior Italy, performing on various platforms in Israel and abroad.

Awards and recognitions

  • Greenzaid has been recognized as the Israeli indoor skydiving champion for three-years 2022, 2020, and 2019.
  • She has been credited with first place in the IBA World league in the Freestyle Junior category.
  • Her YouTube channel has been ranked number 5 in the list of Israeli YouTube channels with the largest number of subscribers.


  • Mi Amor (2023)
  • U Na Na Na 2022
  • I want 2022
  • Every Friday 2022
  • I feel good 2021
  • Come on, bye 2021
  • Ann Dan Dino 2021
  • Princess 2019
  • Fire 2019


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