Baja Rally

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Baja Rally

Baja Rally logo.png
GenreMotorcycle rally
DatesSeptember - October
Location(s)Baja California, Mexico
Most recentSeptember 30 - October 5 2019
Next eventSeptember 28 - October 3 2020
Organised byBaja Rally de México S. de R.L de C.V

The Baja Rally is a Mexican off-road Motorsport race for motorcycles and UTV’s, held for six days during fall each year in the Baja California Peninsula.[1][2] I is one of only 2 rally-raid competitions in North America and allows UTV’s and motorcyclesle classes to compete on the same course. [3]It is one of the longest straight-running rallies in the Western Hemisphere.[4] Baja Rally is a professional motorcycle & a UTV competition for professional and experienced roadbook navigation racers.[5] With its headquarters in the San Nicolas Hotel, Zona Centro, Ensenada, which attracts racers from around the world. Baja Rally is the first ever motorcycle and Utility Terrain Vehicle road-book navigation rally raid, endorsed by Federal, State and Municipal governments in Mexico.[6]

Every year, since 2013 the Northern port town of Ensenada, Baja CA has been the inaugural and conclusion point of the rally.[7] It is a five-day event comprised of timed special stages, the routes of the same are disclosed only when each racer starts a new stage in the morning.[8] The starting and the finishing stages is held in the municipalities of Ensenada and Mexicali. The length of the stages may vary from 50 miles to 250 miles. The changing weather conditions from dry hot desert to wet and foggy mediterranean type climate during the event across the Baja peninsula makes the race more challenging.


The first Baja rally-raid was announced in March 2013 and the rally took place in October of the same year. The first rally was for 3 consecutive days with 2 days of racing, although the duration of the rally was increased to 5 days in the later years.[9] The inaugural Baja Rally was limited to 20 entrants with an additional 10 entries on a standby waiting list. There are always strict technical rules which are supposed to be complied by all the participants of the race.

In 2018, the Baja Rally became the first motorsport event in Mexico to complete and file an authorised “manifestation impacto ambiental” (MIA) with SEMARNAT. SEMARNAT is equivalent to the US Environmental Protection Agency and the MIA is a recognized environmental impact study. It took more than 2 years to complete this regulation and with this investment of time and resources Baja Rally navigation race will continue to grow in Mexico and North America for decades to come.

Environmental Impact Study

In 2018, Baja Rally commissioned an independent, 3rd party environmental consultancy to publish an environmental impact study (manifestacion impacto ambiental) to measure the impact for an off road competition that was duly registered with Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT), the federal environmental regulatory ministry of Mexico.[10] This was the first scientifically administered study to measure the impacts of off road activity in the nationally protected region known as the Valle de Los Cirios that comprises the lower half of the state of Baja California and part of the northern region of Baja California Sur.


In order to participate in any class all riders must be legally allowed to participate in the race and can present the document in case of minors. Riders are also required to register them prior to the event with the dates given on the website ( They are required to use specific motorcycle and UTVs.[11]

Baja Rally School

In January 2013, Baja Rally announced opening a training academy named Baja Rally School with a full curriculum to teach motorcycle and UTV racers to better prepare for off road rally races around the globe.[12] The 3-day course "Introduction to Rally Raid" includes practice courses and classroom training.[13]


The rally is sponsored primarily by Rally Comp, Satellite Phone Store,, Lost In Baja, and Scampa Never Stop Riding. Baja Rally allows sponsors to choose from Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 sponsorship levels.[14][15]

Year Category Winner Notes
2019 OA Champion ​RALLY PRO Trent Burgiss Pro Winner
2019 R1 Champion ​RALLY 1 Matt Southerland Amateur Winner
2019 Rookie Champion Jubal Brown Rookie of the Year
2019 Senior Champion John Deykes Senior Winner
2019 UTV Champion UTV PRO CLASS Lee Banning UTV PRO Winner
2018 OA Champion ​RALLY PRO Skyler Howes Pro Winner
2018 Rookie Champion Alan Brand Rookie of the Year
2018 Champion ​ADV EXPERT Todd Zacker ADV PRO Winner
2018 UTV Champion UTV PRO CLASS L. Javier Pelayo Poncho Alonso UTV PRO Winner
2017 OA Champion ​UTV PRO Steve Hengeveld UTV PRO Winner
2017 Champion ​RALLY PRO, 2nd OA Garret Poucher Pro Winner
2017 Rally 1 Champion Devon Mahon Amateur Winner
2017 Rally 1-Rookie Champion Poncho Alonso Rookie of the Year
2017 ADV Expert Champion Wes Vanieuwenhuise ADV PRO Winner
2016 Rally Pro Champion Steve Hengeveld Pro Winner
2016 Rally 1 Champion Tony Gurule Amatuer Winner
2016 ADV Expert Champion Lawrence Hacking ADV PRO Winner
2016 UTV Champion Bob Jones UTV PRO Winner
2015 Rally Pro Champion Steve Hengeveld Pro Winner
2015 Rally 1 Champion Trent Burgis Amatuer Winner
2015 UTV Champion Bob Jones UTV PRO Winner
2014 Rally Pro Champion Scott Bright Pro Winner
2014 Rally1 Champion Charles Jirsa Amatuer Winner
2013 Rally Champion Andy Grider Overall Winner

In popular culture

Baja Rally has been widely covered in mainstream media, television and social media. It has been regularly published and has occasional appearances in media houses such as Dirt Bike, The Weather Channel, Televisa Deportes, and[16]



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