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Bahram Moradi
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Born (1960-09-26) September 26, 1960 (age 61)
  • Novelist
  • Short story writer

Bahram Moradi (بهرام مرادی), born in 26.09.1960 in Boroujerd, is an Iranian novelist and short story writer. He has lived in Berlin since 1988. The main theme of his fiction is the lives of Iranians after the 1979 revolution in Iran and immigration.[1]


Bahram Moradi is born in a middle class family. He spent his childhood in Borujerd County, a city in the central west of Iran. His Family moved to Mashhad, a large city in northeastern Iran, in the early 1970s. As a teenager, he joined a Theatre group and starred in some plays. During the Revolution of 1978-79, he became politically active in one of the leftist organizations of the time, as well as acting, writing playwright plays, and directing stage and street works. He was arrested in 1982 on charges of political activism while performing one of his plays on stage. He was imprisoned for two years. After his release, he fled Iran and began writing short stories in exile. He gave up politics in 1988.[2]

Fictional Works

In the Hunt for Moments[3] is his first Short story collection of stories which is published in Farsi language in Germany in 1993. Most of the stories are set in Iran and deal with the effects of the revolution on the lives of ordinary people, poor and middle classes. Only three stories in this collection deal with the lives of Iranian immigrants in Germany.

His second collection of short stories, A Bouquet of Roses for a Bay Horse[4], is published in Farsi by Baran Publications in 2000. The stories of this book deal with the lives of Iranian immigrants in Germany.

His next two books, Laughter in House of Solitude[5](winner of two literary awards) and A Man across the Street, under a Tree[6] (finalist nominee for the Houshang Golshiri Foundation Award in 2006), were published in Iran in 2002 and 2005. The stories of these two collections deal with the lives of immigrants who often have a history of political activity and are keen on political developments in Iran. Both works are critically acclaimed and won awards.

Bahram Moradi's fifth book, The Vigilante[7], has a completely different subject from his previous works. It is published in 2019. The novel deals with the life of a man who joins the economic gangs of the Iranian new regime after the 1979 revolution, amasses wealth and is forced to leave Iran for Germany in the war of various gangs. However, he keeps relations with his former colleagues and plays a small role in the assassination of the Mykonos restaurant assassinations restaurant in Berlin. Trying to free his property in Iran, he turns to an informer of the regime.
[8] [9] [10]

The Weight of Others[11]is Bahram Moradi's second novel published in 2021. It is about the life of a man who, as a teenager, is arrested in place of his brother who is active in a left-wing organization opposed to the revolutionary regime. He spends ten years in prison. With a neutral stance, this character narrates the lives of people who had enthusiastically participated in the revolution and were later arrested, tried, and executed by the new government. This novel is set in 1981.


2022: Scholarship for Literature in a Non-German Language for Authors Based in Berlin

2013: Press Critics‘ Award for the Best Collection of Short Stories during the Last Decade to Laughter in the House of Solitude

2003: Houshang Golshiri Foundation Award for the Best Collection of Short Stories to Laughter in the House of Solitude

2003: Press Critics' Award for the Best Collection of Short Stories to Laughter in the House of Solitude


In the Hunt for Moments, Short Story Collection, Private Publishing, Cologne, Germany, 1993

A Bouquet of Roses for a Bay Horse, Short Story Collection, Rain Publishing, Sweden, 2000

Laughter in the House of Solitude, Short Story Collection, Akhtaran Publishing, Iran, 2002

A Man across from the Street, under a Tree, Short Story Collection, Caravan Publishing, Iran, 2005

The Vigilante, Novel, Mehri Publishing, London, 2019

The Weight of Others, Novel, Alqesseh Publishing, America, 2021

Criticisms / Conversations

گفتگو با بهرام مرادي، داستان‌نويس

بهرام مرادی: لوکیشنِ عشق‌ناباوری

۱۰ داستان برتر «زمانه»

دستگاه سیستماتیکِ سانسور و استراتژی‌ ادبی‌ نویسنده‌ ایرانی

اندر کابوس‌ها و خُرده‌شادی‌های داوری‌


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