Baher Al-Damasy

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Baher Al-Damasy
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Baher Al-Damasy

(1992-07-26) July 26, 1992 (age 31)
  • Bacholer Degree in Aviation Sceience
  • Master’s in Business Management
OccupationBusinessman / Commercial Pilot
TitleFounder and Executive Director of Baher Al-Damasy Group of companies

Baher Aldamasy (born July 26, 1992) is an Egyptian businessman and commercial pilot. He is a maverick entrepreneur and investor in Africa and the single founder of the Baher Al-Damasy group of companies. This rapidly expanding enterprise has developed its horizons to include companies in several industries, including Construction, hotels, automotive, aviation, and many others. Baher Aldamasy plays an active role in the community as a source of inspiration, social awareness, and aid to improve the economy and the lives of others. He is a big supporter of young talented personnel that could be built to change nations.[1]

Early Life

Baher Aldamasy was born in Sharkia Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt, on July 26, 1992. Growing up, he always had a strong desire to enter the aviation sector; yet, despite his wealthy family background, Baher had to travel at the age of 19 with inexhaustible energy and ambition to study aviation and fulfill his vision. His main goal was to put his skills to the test in an unfamiliar setting, away from the company of his family and friends, and to find a way to the city of riches. In 2012, Baher Aldamasy began his training to become a pilot, and he was able to earn his license in a relatively short amount of time. Because of his talents, traits, and capacity for management, he was quickly recruited as the operations manager of a flight training institution to get his career off the ground. In 2016, after weathering a long journey and the harsh socio-economic conditions in South Africa, he finally initiated and launched BD Group with tremendous success.


At the relatively young age of 23, Baher was officially recognized by the SACAA as one of the youngest Chief Executive Officers (if not the youngest) of a flight training institution in Africa and the middle east. He is an astute and devoted pilot who has risen in the ranks through diligence and fortitude. Baher has an Airline Transport Pilot License recognized worldwide and a Flying Instruction Rating; he has also served as the CEO, operations manager, exam testing manager, and accountability manager at an aviation training academy. He was capable of establishing firms and setting the road for investment and development using his own personal and managerial skills, balancing the demanding roles of pilot, manager executive, and businessman. During his life, he has advocated on behalf of both Egypt and South Africa, acting as a conduit for Egyptian interests in South Africa and a representative of South Africa's interests in Egypt. Besides his business pursuits, Baher is constantly engaged in improving his local neighborhood. He genuinely believes that the best way to combat youth unemployment and end poverty is to educate and empower the next generation. For this purpose, we visit educational institutions and select promising students to participate in internship programs. He has been collaborating with educational institutions and civic leaders to bring about this improvement.


A pioneer in a multitude of sectors, Baher Al-Damasy Group of Companies was launched in 2016 and is already a significant player in over two dozen different businesses. He is confident that entrepreneurialism is about more than just starting enterprises. When people take risks and start their own businesses, it benefits the people involved, the local economy, and society at large. Business owners have a crucial role in advancing society and enhancing people's daily lives. They improve people's living standards because they generate economic growth and make goods more practical, less expensive, and safer for consumers.


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