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Börs Anders Öhman
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Born1949 (age 73–74)
Valparaiso, Chile
EducationDegree in music
Known forKnown as Swedish bagpipe maker and innovator

Börs Anders Öhman is a musician born in 1949 in Valparaiso in Chile. He is a well known Swedish bagpipe maker and innovator[1][2][3][4]. He has had exhibitions about self-made bagpipes and a collection of ocarinas from around the world [5]. He is a direct descendent of the last appointed parish musician from Järna parish in Darlecarlia; Gudmunds Nils Larsson [6][7].

Börs Anders has lived with and for music all his life. In 1958, when he was 8 years old, his family moved to Mjölby. It was then when he asked the leader of the youth music band, Sven Jönsson, if he could join. This led him to study and play military music at the Royal Svea Life Guards' Music Band with Tuba as his main instrument.

He has a degree in music with Bass tuba, recorder, and piano as main instruments and he has worked as a music teacher for 30 years. He has played Bass tuba in the band of Royal Guards (Sweden) and Royal Mounted Guards at Stockholm Castle for 15 years. He is one of only 50 accredited Swedish bagpipe players.

In 2019, he returned to the Mjölby Music Corp to donate his own Sousaphone to the Youth Music Corps [8].

Börs Anders builds his instruments based on how they have looked and worked through history. He adapts materials and techniques to today's conditions for the instruments to sound good and be easy to play for today's people[9].

In addition to making Swedish folk instruments, he has participated in the Swedish Choir of some children's TV programs such as Bananas in Pyjamas, The Lion King and Rock-a-Doodle [10][11].


Some of his CDs are:

- Bo Sander & Börs Anders Öhman - Två Profiler[12][13]

- Börs Anders med Vänner - Playing chalumeau, Swedish bagpipes, Swedish cowhorn, Bukkehorn, Ocarinas, Näverlure (Birch trumpet), Didgeridoo

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