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Aztec Records
Founded2010 (2010)
  • Laura Fares
  • Ariel Amejeiras
  • Electronic
  • Synthpop
  • Retrowave
  • Synthwave
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
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Aztec Records is a British independent record label founded in 2010 by Laura Fares (aka LAU) and Ariel Amejeiras.[1] It specialises in Synthpop / Retrowave / Synthwave subgenres of Pop and Electronic music of the 80s.[2] The record company has released acts such as Bright Light Bright Light,[3] NINA,[4] Zenith Volt, Sunglasses Kid,[5] Owlle,[6] Gryff and many others.[7]

Bright Light Bright Light is Welsh composer/producer and DJ Rod Thomas. His album "Make Me Believe In Hope",[8] was recorded during two years with different collaborators: Andy Chatterley (Kylie/ Nerina Pallot), Boom Bip (Neon Neon) and The Invisible Men (Jessie J). With clear influences from the late 80's and early 90's, he developed an electropop sound that refers to Depeche Mode, Bjork, Yazoo and Ace of Base.[9] His first song, "Immature", is filtered rhythmically in the style of The Postal Service.[10] Attitude Magazine described him as «Creator of emotional disco moments that only Kylie or Robyn can normally provide.»[11]

Laura Fares discovered and developed NINA (Nina Boldt) since 2010, a German singer-songwriter based in Berlin, with whom she formed a band until 2019. Aztec Records released NINA’s first single "Take Me Away", a pop dance song, in 2011.[12] The label has also produced and released NINA’s first two albums ‘Sleepwalking’ (2018) and ‘Synthian’ (2020), with producers like Richard X, Oscillian, Ricky Wilde and Sunglasses Kid. Both albums became classic references of the Synthwave sound and were co-written by Laura Fares, who later on launched her solo career as singer-songwriter LAU in 2020.

The label counts with more than 20 international artists in their roster and releases new music weekly.

Aztec Music Publishing is the publishing arm of Aztec Records. It was launched in 2014 to manage and expand its catalog more efficiently and to place its releases in movies, television, games and commercials. Placements include brands such as Mercedes Benz,[13] Hugo Boss, Adidas, Uniqlo, Victoria's Secret [14]and many more.[15]


  • LAU
  • NINA
  • Bright Light Bright Light
  • Sunglasses Kid
  • Gryff
  • Zenith Volt
  • Bunny X
  • Fulvio Colasanto
  • Eutropic
  • Adam Siana
  • Power Rob
  • Friday Night Firefight
  • Popcorn Kid
  • Pleasure
  • Space Tourist
  • Oblique
  • Surrender
  • Mike Haunted
  • Primo The Alien
  • XES
  • WYVE
  • Traverse Town
  • SJ Bravo
  • Mickey Cupid
  • Cymatica
  • Sight Telma Club
  • Thought Beings
  • Woman E


Catalogue number Artist Title
AZT0001 The Feathered Snake EP Tecnoctitlan
AZT0002 Keep Calm & Carry On Tecnoctitlan
AZT0003 In The Beginning Maighréad
AZT0004 Closer TNTT
AZT0005 Cool 'n The Gang Cereal Killers
AZT0006 Lady Joker Lady Joker
AZT0007 Bad Boyfriend Johnny Lazer
AZT0008 We Don't Miss A Beat Van Go Lion
AZT0009 Hands Down Angelo
AZT0010 More Than Human TNTT
AZT0011 Soul Electric RAFF
AZT0012 Take Me Away NINA
AZT0013 Human Sacrifice TNTT
AZT0015 Desire Woman E
AZT0016 This Beat Is POPTRONIK - Volume One Various Artist
AZT0017 Hit & Run Woman E
AZT0018 Hit & Run (The Remixes) Woman E
AZT0019 Mickey Cupid Mickey Cupid
AZT0020 We Are The Wild Ones NINA
AZT0021 My Mistake NINA
AZT0023 Parade Mickey Cupid
AZT0024 Heart Of Glass NINA
AZT0025 Summer EP Mickey Cupid
AZT0026 Waterline SJBRAVO
AZT0027 Beyond Memory EP NINA
AZT0028 Feel You EP Mickey Cupid
AZT0029 We Never Dream SJBRAVO
AZT0030 Graduation Sunglasses Kid
AZT0031 Night Swim Sunglasses Kid
AZT0032 Corruptin' Mind Sunglasses Kid
AZT0033 Sleepwalking (Album) NINA
AZT0034 Killer (Single) Traverse Town
AZT0035 Killer (EP) Traverse Town
AZT0036 Sleepwalking (Deluxe Edition) NINA
AZT0038 Pure Synthwave Vol. 1 Various Artist
AZT0039 Sunset On The Bay WYVE
AZT0040 The Calm Before The Storm NINA
AZT0042 Pure Retrowave Vol. 1 Various Artist
AZT0043 Pure Synthwave Vol. 2 Various Artist
AZT0044 Pure Retrowave Vol. 2 Various Artist
AZT0045 Pure Darkwave Vol. 1 Various Artist
AZT0046 Automatic Call (Single EP) NINA
AZT0047 Pure Synthpop Vol. 1 Various Artist
AZT0048 Time Zones (EP) Friday Night Firefight
AZT0049 Surrender Surrender
AZT0051 Fictiopolis WYVE
AZT0052 Pure Latin Synth, Vol. 1 Various Artist
AZT0053 Where No One Goes (EP) Friday Night Firefight
AZT0054 Forbidden Love (Single) XES
AZT0055 Bs As Outrun, Vol. 1 Various Artist
AZT0056 Heartbeat Zenith Volt
AZT0057 World Goes Round Friday Night Firefight
AZT0058 Challenger Zenith Volt
AZT0059 Turbo Drive, Vol. 1 Various Artists
AZT0060 Hold On Zenith Volt
AZT0061 Galaxy Zenith Volt
AZT0062 Super-computer Zenith Volt
AZT0063 Synthian NINA
AZT0064 Dissapear (The Remixes) Surrender
AZT0065 Synth Songs of Hope, Vol. 1 Various Artists
AZT0066 Human Error Fulvio Colasanto
AZT0067 Black Heart Oblique
AZT0068 Psycho Beat Fulvio Colasanto
AZT0069 Stunning LAU
AZT0070 True LAU
AZT0071 Little Light Mike Haunted feat. Chris KD
AZT0072 Radical Dreamers Fulvio Colasanto feat. XES
AZT0073 We Had Magic LAU
AZT0073 The Mothership Space Tourist
AZT0075 Pleasure EP Pleasure
AZT0076 Recognise LAU
AZT0077 Miami Cyber Nights Vol. 1 Various Artists
AZT0078 Synthian (The Remixes) NINA feat. LAU
AZT0079 DARK: Awake / Ivory Crow Eutropic
AZT0080 AGE: Distant World / Silicon God Eutropic
AZT0081 DAY: Pieces / Run Eutropic
AZT0082 DREAM: Down By Law / Starry Sky Eutropic
AZT0083 Silhouettes Friday Night Firefight
AZT0084 Fixing Me With Love Sunglasses Kid & Primo The Alien
AZT0085 Chill Sunglasses Kid & Jay Diggs
AZT0086 Sophomore Sunglasses Kid
AZT0087 A Deep Blue Swimming Pool Wet Sunset
AZT0088 NYC Sunrise Bunny X & Marvel83'
AZT0089 Pure Synthwave, Vol. 3 Various
AZT0090 Calypso Drip FM Gryff
AZT0091 Tranquility Base (Deluxe Edition) The Secret Chord
AZT0092 Free Forever Popcorn Kid ft. LAU
AZT0093 Runaway Power Rob
AZT0094 In The Night Adam Siana
AZT0095 Telekinesis Oblique
AZT0096 The House Fulvio Colasanto feat. Christina Sirva & Mike Haunted
AZT0097 Superstars Fulvio Colasanto feat. Eutropic
AZT0098 Neon Beach Thought Beings
AZT0099 Hours Cymatica
AZT0104 New Religion Gryff
AZT0101 Back To Christmas Oblique
AZT0102 Caskets Cymatica
AZT0105 Somewhere In Between EP Cymatica

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