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Assem Kroma
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Alma mater
  • New York Film Academy
  • Fanshawe College
  • Ryerson University
  • Carleton University
  • Filmmaker
  • Multi-Platform Storyteller
  • Actor
  • Digital Media and Cinema Researcher
  • Educator
Years active2005 - Present
Known for
  • T for Tango
  • A Reflection in My Heart
  • Buried Love
  • Tooth of Hope
  • Paradise Falls
  • Best Actor
  • Best Editing
  • Best Short Documentary

Assem Kroma is a Canadian filmmaker, multi-platform storyteller, actor, digital media and cinema researcher and educator. He began his creative career as a theatre and film actor [1][2][3]. He won best actor awards for his roles in “Paradise Falls” and “Tooth of Hope”. He then won five awards as a filmmaker for his short documentary “T for Tango” in addition to several other nominations for other film work [4]. As a filmmaker, he is best known for his short films "T for Tango", “The Infidel” and "Buried Love" which were screened at several international film festivals [5] [6][7][8][9]. As an actor, he is known for the short films, “Paradise Falls” which was screened at Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2012 [4], “Tooth of Hope” [10] which was screened in several film festivals globally [11], and "The Man Who Met The Angel", which premiered in Dubai International Film Festival [12][13].

Early career

Assem was born to a mom, who is an accomplished artist (painter), and a dad, who was an architect; he spent the majority of his childhood in UAE [14]. He started his involvement in performance arts at a very young age starting by acting on stage, then TV shows and radio broadcasts. Gradually, he got involved in many forms of performance arts including dancing, singing, experimental theatre, and standup comedy and improvisation [2][14][15].

Education and research work

Assem studied Advanced Filmmaking at Fanshawe College, then went to study for a Master's in Digital Media at Ryerson University [16] followed by a Master of Arts in Media Production [17]. He is currently studying for a PhD in Information Technology (Digital Media) at Carleton University [18].

His Areas of research work are future cinema, interactive storytelling, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and human-computer interaction [19][14][18]. He believes that new filmmakers should be technically and theoretically skilled to keep up with the new media development and keep sharing their art with the public [16][15]. He has been interviewed by several media outlets to discuss cinema and digital media related matters [20][2][10][15][21]. In 2017, he was the co-director of the First Take Film Festival [22].

Filmography (partial list)

Year Film Role Cast Notes
2021 Silence Filmmaker David Jeffrey, Nyiri Karakas Short Narrative Film (Post Production)
2021 Mimes' Gossips Filmmaker Nyiri Karakas, James Wybrow Short Narrative Film (Post Production)
2019 A Dad's Letter Filmmaker Assem Kroma Short Film - Cinematic Poetic Autobiography
2019 A Reflection in My Heart Filmmaker Assem Kroma Short Film - Cinematic Poetic Autobiography
2017 The Delivery Filmmaker David Jeffrey, Amber Sellars, Leah Gliddon, Emily Ross, Kevin Pegg Short Narrative Film
2017 The Infidel Filmmaker David Jeffrey, Amber Sellars, Nyiri Karakas Short Narrative Film
2017 Nightmares Filmmaker Danny Czyz VR (Virtual Reality) Film
2017 Buried Love Filmmaker Nyiri Karakas, David Jeffrey, James Wybrow Short Surrealist Film - Experimental
2017 Transition Filmmaker N/A Short Film - Experimental on 16mm photochemical film
2017 T for Tango Filmmaker Ross Todorovic and Milena Todorovic Short Documentary Film
2015 The Man Who Met the Angel Actor Assem Kroma, Philip Rachid Short Film
2013 Above and Below Actor Assem Kroma, Dana Dajani Short Film
2013 About Anticipation Actor Assem Kroma Short Film
2012 The Feeder Actor Assem Kroma Short Film
2012 Tooth of Hope Actor Assem Kroma, Dana Dajani Short Film
2011 Paradise Falls Actor Assem Kroma, May Calamawy, JW Halloway Short Film


Assem won several international awards (UAE, France, Canada, etc.) including excellence, outstanding achievement, best actor, best director, best editor and best film [4][16].


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