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Available inRussian, English
  • Philipp Dzyadko
  • Alexander Borzenko
  • Kirill Golovastikov
  • Irina Kaliteyevskaya
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Arzamas is a Russian educational website with courses on history, literature, philosophy, arts, and humanities. The website mostly educates through video lectures but it also has podcasts, quizzes, and articles.[1][2] It often has lectures from experts as well as primary material for the users to look over.[3] As of July the 1st there are 80 courses, which usually consist of five lectures and articles for the theme of the course, and a few special projects, among which: music in lost churches, "Rewind" podcast, Arzamas on a couch, how does orchestra work, British music from choir to hardcore, Marcel Broodthaers: how to understand a coneptualist by his gravestone, new Tretyakovka, videohistory of russian culture in 25 minutes, russian literature of XX century, audioarchive of Andy Volohonsky, history of russian culture, russian language from "гой еси" to "лол кек", History of Russian XVIII century and others. It has a YouTube channel with over million subscribers, its most popular video “Ancient Rome in 20 minutes” has over 9 million views and is also available in English. It also has an Android and iOS application “Радио Arzamas” that contains audio versions of every course.[4] The Calvert Journal characterizes it as depoliticizing history in Russia.[1]It is the most popular Russian educational website after Wikipedia according to the TEM Journal article.[5]

As of May 2020, Philipp Dzyadko is the editor-in-chief.[6]


The website is named after the historical Arzamas Society, which was a literature society based in Saint Petersburg.[7]


Arzamas was launched in 2015. It was founded by Philipp Dzyadko and Daniil Perhulov.

In collaboration with Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Arzamas opened an online-university. The idea belongs to Oxford professor Andrei Zorin[8][9]


Arzamas made three games for iOS an Android: Emoji Pushkin, Emoji Poetry and Emoji Shakespeare in which you have to guess missed words in poetry and put emoji instead of the empty space. Emoji Poetry and Emoji Shakespeare are available in English.[10]


  • On 6 September 2017 "All Russian literature of the XIX century in 230 cards" was awarded the "Книга когда"[11]
  • On 16 November 2017 the Russian Revolution course by Boris Kolonitskiy received the Enlightener Prize[12]


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