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Armstrong Steel
IndustryWholesale Building Materials
Founded2007; 17 years ago (2007)
FounderEthan Chumley
Key people
Ethan Chumley (CEO)

Armstrong Steel Buildings is one of the nation’s leading pre-engineered metal building manufacturers and they have grown to be one of the most recognizable and respected steel building manufacturers in North America. They have educated and assisted millions of individuals on various building projects worldwide.[1]

Armstrong Steel is based in Denver, Colorado but their building systems can be found across North America and around the world.


Armstrong Steel’s industry tenure, in-house design capabilities and product development are a few of the many reasons they have maintained a leading position in the metal building construction industry. In this way, Armstrong offers a unique proposition to design & manufacture steel buildings for clients who want to realize significant savings in the total cost of their buildings. Armstrong’s innovative building designs and engineering practices can reduce the building weight per square foot which also results in significant reductions and cost savings for clients.[2]

Backed by decades of pre-engineered metal building experience, their team prides itself on a unique combination of innovative product offerings, streamlined manufacturing processes and a focus on customer satisfaction to deliver the ultimate metal building construction experience.[3]

Armstrong Steel was founded with the overarching goal of saving people money. Since 2006, they have consistently delivered on this promise by providing global brands, Fortune 500 companies, business owners, builders, engineers, developers, corporate purchasing directors, congregations, homeowners, and architects with the best quality steel buildings at some of the most competitive prices seen across the United States, Central America, and Canada.

Armstrong Steel works closely with its suppliers to produce & deliver energy-efficient products that will save their customers money for years to come. In their own words, “Helping people live better is more than something we do; it’s who we are.”


The name Armstrong Steel has long been synonymous with American innovation. Armstrong is an extremely versatile and experienced multi-million-dollar American company focused on providing quality commercial and industrial metal building systems that continue to exceed expectations. They offer creative and experienced design and manufacturing services for a variety of metal building systems. In-depth industry expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies are the reason their buildings adhere to the highest quality standards.

Armstrong Steel has led the industry in creating pre-engineered steel building systems that offer better, more streamlined solutions for their clients in everything they do, their focus is to provide top of the line steel systems that combine world class design and unsurpassed functionality. No matter what type of project you have, from a new facility down the street to a brand new building across the globe, their team is built to provide the support you need. They refuse to sacrifice their integrity at any point in the building process. Instead, they believe that a simplified, responsible building process promotes the best experience.

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