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IndustryEnvironmental Conservation Cryptocurrency
FoundedApril 30, 2021; 4 months ago (2021-04-30)
  • Anthony Pascual
  • Maciej Szczygieł
  • Cameron Clarke
  • Michał Sadecki
  • Christopher Reyes
Key people
  • Anthony Pascual
  • Cameron Clarke
  • Maciej Szczygieł
  • Michał Sadecki
  • Christopher Reyes
  • Environment Conservation
  • Lake/River Cleanup
  • Ocean Cleanup
  • Cryptocurrency Token

Aquari is a community-governed cryptocurrency founded in 2021, headquartered in Poland. It was created by a team of experts with the aim to build the world's first decentralized environmental conservation organization. Aquari leverages smart contracts, AI, and cryptocurrency to eradicate the inefficiencies present in current environmental clean-up efforts, especially that of water bodies.[1]

Aquari, as a cryptocurrency aims to combine the reflection and passive yield farming Tokenomics of coins like Safemoon along with enabling secure, fast, and high-volume payments within the marketplace. A percentage of Aquari’s transaction fees are contributed to the restoration of Earth's polluted bodies of water.[2]


Aquari was founded in 2021 by Anthony Pascual, Maciej Szczygieł, Cameron Clarke, Michał Sadecki, and Christopher Reyes. This cryptocurrency was created with a unique aim to facilitate a community governed project that aims at restoring all polluted bodies of water on Earth.[3]

Aquari's smart contract was designed to ensure project longevity along with remaining profitable for investors. Since its inception, Aquari’s raised capital generated from a percentage of the coin's transaction fees are committed to the purchase of equipment, hiring specialists and laborers dedicated to the cause of restoring Earth's bodies of water.[4]

Aquari was launched on April 30, 2021, with a fixed supply of 100 billion tokens. Out of the fifteen-plus models designed, the community voted on the most feasible, profitable model which accommodates 10% taxation per transaction, 4% burn of taxed coins, 3% token redistribution among holders, and lastly 3% distribution to a donation wallet to finance the Aquari Non-Profit.[5]

Aquari stores its liquidity pool coins in a time-locked wallet, making the coin un-ruggable. 4% of the initial supply is sent to the developer wallet which is used to cover expenses related to marketing, influencer payments, listing fees, additional liquidity support (if the liquidity pool is not sufficient), and legal support. In order to make donations Aquari withdraws assets from the donation wallet in small quantities on a daily basis to ensure Aquari price stability.[6]

Several users from a token called Deflax migrated to Aquari over after being rug-pulled by the developers of the Deflax project. The community wanted to send a message, a protest against the vast amounts of scammers that exist in token-based communities while changing the world for the better. From the ashes, Aquari was born and the active community engages in spreading the word about pollution in the Oceans while collecting funds to initiate clean-up projects.[7]


To ensure maximum community engagement, Aquari developed AquaVote, an online platform that allows Aquari holders to vote on important matters, clean-up initiatives and general decisions regarding the organization. The voting system ensures the organization remains community governed with the most transparency compared to traditional voting systems Community governed.[8]

Products and services

The Aquari cryptocurrency token acts as a direct way to crowdsource the manpower and finances necessary for its services, such as the purchase of equipment, hiring of specialists and laborers.[9]

Aquari, as a cryptocurrency, aims to facilitate profitable investments for the buyers with the added benefit of helping them contribute to saving and restoring global water bodies. Aquari, as a non-profit organization, aims to work diligently towards global environment conservation focusing on lake cleanup, ocean cleanup amongst other water bodies.[10]

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