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Annika Nord
Annika Nord - Image.jpg
Annika Nordqvist

Pori, Finland
Alma materTurku University of Applied Sciences
AwardsThe Reporter of the Year award by Teosto (2020)

Annika Nord, born Annika Nordqvist, is a Finnish singer, songwriter, troubadour, and guitarist.[1] Her journey in the music industry began as a member of the six-member band No One Nearby,[2] but a move to Turku prompted a significant shift in her career trajectory. Quickly establishing herself as a sought-after troubadour, Nord started her career as a solo artist.

In 2019, Nord released her debut single, "Taivaanrannan Maalailija," and then a steady stream of musical releases. Her debut album, "Koordinaatit," was unveiled on April 3, 2020.[3][4] Other notable singles include Revityt Farkut,[5] Tekosyitä, Vie Mut,[6] Landola, and Tuu Takaisin.

In recognition of her contributions, Teosto honored her with the Reporter of the Year award in 2020.[7] Additionally, Nord participated in Ylex's music reality program, Nosteessa, in the summer of 2020.

Early life and education

Nord was born and raised in Pori, Finland. During her childhood, she displayed high energy and a range of interests. Notably, she began composing lyrics at age six.[8] In her formative years, Nord pursued various activities, including kickboxing, piano playing, and competitive cheerleading, where she achieved national championship status.

Her path took an unexpected turn as she developed a deep passion for music, diverging from the interests of her social circle. She actively sought out like-minded individuals to pursue this newfound passion. Her musical journey commenced as the lead vocalist of the band "No One Nearby".[2]

Nord graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences with a degree in business administration, where she wrote a thesis on the music industry.


Following her graduation and thesis completion on the music business[9] at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Nord's solo career took root when she met Mika Karhumaa through his books and a chance encounter at a gig venue. Collaborative reflection sessions with Mika gave rise to new songs. Joona Rinne later joined as the second guitarist after a spontaneous performance, which led to the formation of a musical group. Nord's debut single, "Taivaanrannan Maalailija," was recorded at Joona's Deep Noise studio in Kouvola, solidifying their partnership.

Starting her music career, Nord initially sought troubadour gigs, rapidly gaining popularity as a performer.[10] This newfound success prompted her to contemplate a solo career and songwriting. However, an unexpected setback occurred when she suffered a left arm injury, with doctors initially uncertain if her hand would fully recover.

During her extended sick leave, Nord channeled her frustration into songwriting, and as her hand gradually improved, she resumed performing. In 2020, she released her debut album, "Koordinaatit," produced by Grey Beton Records, featuring a backing band from Kouvola.

Nord is known for her extensive touring schedule, performing approximately 150 gigs annually, a unique feat for a female troubadour in Finland. Her shows include popular pop and rock covers spanning different decades alongside her original compositions.

Notably, Teosto honored Nord with the Reporter of the Year award in 2020 for her contributions to the live music industry.

Nord's involvement in YleX's Nosteessa series introduced her to the rural ambiance of Lammaskallion Audio, where she crafted her piano-driven song "Vie mut." She has also begun releasing songs from her upcoming album, including "Vie Mut," in the summer of 2023, with her latest single, "Hugo" scheduled for release on October 6, 2023.

Beyond her solo work, Nord has collaborated with other artists, releasing the duet "Sinä Minussa" with Tanto in 2022 and "Diibadaaba" with Jaakko Taneli in 2021. Additionally, she has participated in Iisa Pajula's songwriting workshops and co-written songs with Kaisa Korhonen.


Singles- As a Solo Artist

  • Vie mut (2023)
  • Sielunsisko (2020)
  • Revityt Farkut (2020)
  • Viimeinen laulu (2019)
  • Tekosyitä (2019)
  • Landola (2019)
  • Taivaanrannan maalailija (2019)

Singles - As a Featuring Artist

  • Tanto Feat. Annika Nord: Sinä Minussa
  • Jaakko Taneli Feat. Annika Nord: Diibadaaba


  • Koordinaatit (2020)

Personal life

Nord resides in Naantali, Finland. During her free time, she engages in snowboarding, frequently making trips to the ski resorts in Lapland. Additionally, Nord possesses a deep appreciation for nature, often seeking tranquility through yoga practice to restore balance to her bustling schedule.

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