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Annette Frommer
Annette Frommer.JPG
NationalityBelgian, Israel
OccupationInterior Designer
Years active1992 - Present

Annette Frommer is a notable Belgian born interior designer recognized for her elegant and understated interior decor.[1][2]

Frommer, throughout her career, has gained popularity for her luxury residential interiors, and is respected for her one-of-a-kind studio which serves a global clientele.[3]

Early life and education

Frommer was born and raised in Belgium and has been living in Israel for the past 35 years. She is fluent in six languages which certainly help when interacting with her international clients. She always knew that she was going to somehow be involved in a creative profession since she admired beauty and design, whether in architecture, art, or fashion.


Frommer started her career in 1992 as an interior designer when she established Annette Frommer Interior Design Studio. Frommer specializes in luxury residential interiors which are greatly influenced by European elegance and culture. She has worked for numerous well-known affluent clients, offering bespoke unique and sophisticated interiors that have been highly acclaimed.[4][5]

Frommer’s studio handles large-scale turn-key projects, managing and coordinating all technical and logistical aspects. Discretion is of the utmost importance.[6]

Annette Frommer Interior Design Studio

The studio is renowned for its sophisticated design aesthetic, personalized touch, and select service. Under the leadership of Annette Frommer, the studio has gained recognition for its quality service which offers customized solutions sensitive to each client’s requirements, needs and aspirations.[7]

Since its inception Annette Frommer Interior Design has served a large international clientele offering insightful high-end solutions, customized designs and styles for residential apartments/homes.[8]


Frommer is the recipient of various prestigious design awards including the 2016 Bathroom Award by International Design & Architecture Awards.[9]


Some of Frommer’s distinguished projects:

  • Modern Garden Apartment in Jerusalem
  • BLU Ocean View
  • Jerusalem Penthouse
  • Jerusalem City Apartment
  • Jerusalem Pied à Terre
  • Jerusalem Apartment
  • Gorgeous Duplex
  • Contemporary Garden Apartment
  • Elegant - Contemporary Garden Apartment
  • Duplex Renovation in Jerusalem
  • A Modern Garden Apartment
  • Unique Vacation Apartment
  • Modern Jerusalem Vacation Apartment
  • An Eclectic Duplex
  • An Apartment in Blue
  • Traditional Home in Jerusalem
  • Billiard Room
  • Luxury Apartment in Jerusalem
  • Spectacular Tel Aviv Penthouse

Personal life

Frommer is fluent in English, French, Hebrew, German and Flemish. She is married + 5.


In the media


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