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Andrew Mondia
Andrew Mondia.jpg
Andrew Dimitri Mondia

(1975-07-28) July 28, 1975 (age 48)
Alert Bay, BC Canada
NationalityCanadian Swiss
CitizenshipCanada Switzerland
  • Actor
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Passion Test Facilitator
  • Voiceover Professional
  • TV Presenter
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)

Andrew Mondia (born July 28, 1975) is a Canadian actor, voiceover artist, speaker, author,[1] and passion test facilitator, known for his appearances in various TV series and films, such as Lego Spider-Man Series (2017), Project Grey (2007), and The Horror Seasons (2005).

Introducing the triumphant Andrew Mondia, a multi-talented entertainer who’s equal parts inspiration and hilarity! After surviving suicide, Andrew rose from the ashes to become a shining beacon of hope for others. From stage/film to published author, this international performer has lived a life worth singing about. With a story of overcoming adversity and a passion for spreading joy, he’s appeared on major media outlets and even earned a spot on the stage/screen alongside award-winning actors and directors. But his true talent? Bringing laughter and inspiration to people’s lives through his creative pursuits. So, sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride through the unknown future with the unstoppable Andrew Mondia![2]

Early life and education

Mondia was born on July 28, 1975, in Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada. He was raised in an environment that fostered his love for the arts, particularly music, and dance. His paternal grandfather, a musician who played the accordion, mandolin, and harmonica, inspired him to pursue his passion. Growing up, Mondia was exposed to various genres of music and attended operas with his mother. From an early age, he performed in front of audiences, whether it was singing in a choir, taking ballet classes, or performing on stage//screen.

His childhood was marred by bullying and abuse, pushing him to the brink of despair and even surviving a suicide. However, his resilience shone through as he triumphed over these challenges, emerging stronger and more determined than ever. Throughout his journey, he fearlessly delved into a multitude of artistic disciplines, ranging from dance and singing to acting. With a thirst for growth, Mondia took sporadic classes to refine his skills, even venturing into the world of stand-up comedy. It was through these explorations that he discovered his innate talent and deep passion for bringing joy and laughter to others, defying the obstacles that crossed his path.


Mondia began acting in 1986 and has since appeared in numerous TV series, films, and theatre productions. Notable works include The Horror Seasons, Project Grey, the Lego Spider-Man Series, and Windup. He has also worked as a production assistant for various movies and TV series, including Sweetwater, See Spot Run, Beautiful Joe, and Love and Treason.[3]

Mondia has an extensive theater resume, including Carry on Brighton, Sound, Songs for Survivors UK, Two Bloody Queens, Southwark Mysteries, Other Freds, Drama, Confessions of a Pear-Shaped Pupil, Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound, Recipe for Lovers, J.P. Shanley's Welcome to the Moon and Other Plays, and Pinocchio.[4]

Mondia has had the honor of performing for Queen Elizabeth II on two separate occasions: once during the opening ceremonies of the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games and again during the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. He also modeled as Santa Claus for a cover shoot for the Guardian's 2008 G2 Christmas Special Edition. Additionally, he sang in the LGMC ensemble chorus of David Mcalmont's recorded song titled "The Bishop of New Hampshire."[5]

Since 2010, Mondia has been a passion test facilitator at The Passion Test, where he helps individuals and groups identify their top five passions. Janet Bray Attwood personally trained him, and he now helps others discover their natural passions to gain clarity about their life's direction.[6]

During 2010–2013, Mondia served as a Spirit Authors Coach for Book Promotions. In this role, he organized and managed virtual blog tours for Lynn Serafinn and her clients across various campaigns.[7]

As an international speaker, Mondia has shared his story of overcoming childhood trauma, including bullying and abuse that led him to attempt suicide. His inspiring talks have touched the lives of hundreds of people worldwide, motivating them to pursue a passionate life.[8]

In addition, Mondia is a featured author expert in two books that have reached number one on the best-seller lists internationally: "My Journey My Journal" and "How Big Can You Dream" and is a published poet.[9]


Year Title Role Credits
1999 Sweetwater - Production Assistant
2000 Beautiful Joe - Production Assistant
2000 Da Vinci’s Inquest - Production Assistant
2001 See Spot Run - Production Assistant
2001 Love and Treason - Production Assistant
2002 The Victim (short movie) Victim -
2005 The Horroe Seasons Reverend Burbank -
2006 Windup Geeky Office Guy -
2007 Project Grey Patient with Crutches -
2012 The Mad Bad Ad Show (TV Series) Pro Smoking Ad campaign Sketch -
2012 London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder Pandemonium Miner - Warrior -
2017-2020 Lego Spider-Man Series (TV Series) Adrian Troomes -


In the media


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