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Andrei Doroshin
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Andrei Doroshin is an American entrepreneur, scientist, and philanthropist. He was the CEO of Philly Fighting COVID, a nonprofit organization that was responsible for the creation of the large scale vaccination operation in Philadelphia.[1] Doroshin is pioneer researcher in neuroscience on the effects of long duration spaceflight on the human brain.


Andrei Doroshin was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended school at Peninsula High School and Rancho Mirage Highschool. He later attended Drexel University for a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a masters in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience functional imagining.


Most notably, Doroshin was the CEO of the Philadelphia nonprofit Philly Fighting Covid that manufactured over 5,000 face shields, tested over 21,000 people, and vaccinated over 6,800 people.[2] Doroshin was the CBO at Volta Therapeutics where he lead business development with VOLTA which is developing medical devices that optimize the current manufacturing methods of T-cell Therapies and push the future of personalized immunotherapy to the point of care.[3] Doroshin was also the founder of TALA Resorts, a resort development company currently in the planning phase of its' first location in Austin, Texas.

Philly Fighting Covid (PFC)

Founding and face shields

In March 2020, Doroshin founded a non-profit corporation named Philly Fighting Covid.[4] He created the company in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization first created face-shields during the global PPE shortage.[5] Doroshin brought together a team of engineers, operations personnel, supply chain experts, and volunteers to build a sustained face shield manufacturing operation.[6]Doroshin oversaw the creation of a research and design facility, manufacturing facility, and a decontamination and packaging facility.[7] The shields had an anti-fog coating and were compliant with FDA COVID Emergency Use Authorization Sec 564. In total, Philly Fighting Covid manufactured, cleaned, packaged, and delivered over 5,000 face shields.[8]

COVID-19 testing

Doroshin opened the first testing site in Philadelphia that didn’t require a doctor's note, patient symptoms, or insurance/payment.[9][10] Initially, Philly Fighting Covid (PFC) was doing 300 tests a week and operated solely with donor funds. In August 2020, PFC partnered with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to receive funding ($190,000) for one testing site at the Fillmore. With this support from the city, PFC was able to test over 1,000 patients per week.[11] Doroshin and his team of nurse practitioners, EMTs, and volunteers then expanded this first operation to other locations in the Greater Philadelphia area, primarily to underserved communities.[12] The testing performed by PFC was easily assessable and free of charge during a time when testing was a rather profitable business.

COVID-19 vaccinations

On December 24, Doroshin was notified by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to open a mass vaccine site on January 8.[13] Doroshin hired cybersecurity experts, software engineers, medical operations staff, process engineers, and contracted with PREPMOD (a software recommended by the CDC) to ensure that our data systems would be operational. Doroshin hired over 20 registered nurses, 20 providers (nurse practioners, pharmacist, MD, DO, or PA) and brought on over 30 nursing students to run the clinic.[14] Working closely with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, the clinic was opened for healthcare workers in Philadelphia.[15] Doroshin's team vaccinated over 6,800 vaccines in five days of operation.[16] Due to growing media pressure, the City of Philadelphia's Health Commissioner abruptly cut ties with PFC.[2]


Due to the media-based claims of data sale and for profit entity conversion the city cut ties with PFC.[2] The City of Philadelphia's Inspector General conducted an investigation into the matter after the extreme backlash of media attention. The report concluded that contrary to multiple news reports, PFC and Doroshin never sold data and Philly Fighting COVID was never going to go for profit – rather, Vax Populi a separate entity was established to bill patient's insurance companies for the vaccine administration[2] Vax Populi was created with the approval of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.[2] In the course of operations, no patients were ever billed.[2]

Doroshin was also unraveled in controversy after taking vaccines offsite from the clinic in order to prevent vaccine waste.[17] Doroshin defended his actions in saying that the doses were about to expire and that this action was part of the guidance of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.[17] The City's Inspector general later confirmed that taking vaccines home to curb potential vaccine loss was in fact part of the guidance.[2]


Doroshin was a researcher at the Drexel University Neuroimaging laboratory where was working with ESA (European Space Agency) and Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency) astronauts and cosmonauts to do the first ever resting state and functional research on the effects of space on the brain. The research was done in conjunction with a team of scientists from the University of Antwerp.[1]

Doroshin also investigated the relationship between corruption, frontal lobe function, and occupation.[18]

Personal life

Doroshin is an avid jiu jjitsu enthusiast. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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