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André Armenante
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André Armenante

(1991-07-28) July 28, 1991 (age 32)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
EducationAdvertising and Special Effect Filmmaking

André Armenante (born July 28, 1991), known professionally as André Armenante or outofthehat, is an American entertainer & entrepreneur, based out of Los Angeles, California. Armenante creates content for various industries, including toys, theatre, film and social media platforms.

Armenante began his career in special effect robotics, later venturing into the toy industry with Dutch based toy manufacturer Goliath Games. Armenante invented an interactive hologram play-set, HolograFX® which was licensed and manufactured by Goliath Games[1]. HolograFX garnered the title 'most awarded toy of 2014'. Armenante served as the lead special effects designer for "Magic To Do"[2], a musical by composer Stephen Schwartz.

Throughout his career, Armenante has collaborated with a number of entertainers and companies, such as David Copperfield, Mattel®, Hasbro®, drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova, and RuPaul. Armenante is also the Global Chief of Design at HéronElite®, a lighting company with an emphasis on innovation lighting design.

In recent years, he has transitioned into a Social Media Influencer, across multiple platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube channel, Outofthehat.

Early life and education

André Armenante graduated top honors with a double major in Graphic Design and Advertising with a focus on Animatronic Technology, from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, New York. After a challenging class assignment, Armenante discovered the art of 3D Design and built his first animatronic, Butter. After, creating eighteen characters which were then featured in his television pilot, 'Charged'[3].

Career and business interests


Armenante entered the toy industry with business partner Mark Setteducati, a fellow magician and inventor. The two met in 2008 at Armenante's graduation from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). November 2011now living in Los AngelesArmenante developed a prototype of a Pepper's Ghost and smartphone toy, Setteducati was in town and the two discussed furthering said prototype, forming the foundation of their lasting partnership[4]. The prototype was presented to both Fantasma Toys and Tenyo, but both companies turned down the production proposal. In May of 2012, Armenante and Setteducati met with Adi Golad, of Goliath Games, in New York. Golad liked the concept and development on HolograFX began[1], a Sci-Fi themed kit and smartphone app that allowed users to engage with holographic stories or scan their likeness into the game.[5]

By October, 2012 HolograFX was ready to show toy buyers. HolograFX®, was launched internationally with Toys "R" Us®, with John Adams-Toys selected as the European distributor. Soon after HolograFX started winning awards at various toy fairs. To date, in 2013 the system received five awards: Best Toy in Youth Electronics at the U.K. Toy Fair[6], Best Tech Toy at the Gadget Show Live[7], Best Toy of the Year at the Belgium Toy Fair, and at the France Toy Fair it won the Best Toy of the Year as well as the Grand Prix, an acclaim awarded to a single toy.

Magic to Do

On the musical "Magic to Do", Armenante was the lead special effects designer. An original show by composer Stephen Schwartz, in partnership with Princess Cruises. Having been submitted for consideration by the EDC (Entertainment Design Corp), this performance was awarded an Excellence Award, presented by Live Design, in the category of Theatre Production[2].


Armenante served as the Global Chief of Design at HéronElite since November 2015. Overseeing the development of high-end commercial and residential lighting systems.

RuPaul's Limited Edition Dolls

In 2017, Armenante partnered and collaborated with fellow artist and doll designer Andrew Yang (artist)|Andrew (Astor) Yang. Together they created the promotional showcase video for RuPaul's limited edition doll run.[8]

Live shows & performances

The Diamond Stag

Armenante in 2019, was Producer and Technical Director for the performing art piece "The Diamond Stag", an off-off Broadway production[9][10]. The show was performed at the IATI Theater in New York City|NYC, starring and debuting Andrew (Astor) Yang, featuring Gabriella Loeb.

Echoes at Oscars

In fall of 2023, Armenante produced and starred in an immersive theatrical experience named "Echoes at Oscars", an interactive seance themed show created for Oscar's in downtown Palm Springs, California.[11]

Achievements and awards

  • In 2017, Live Design awarded Armenante and team with the 'Excellence Award for Best Theatrical Design', for the musical "Magic To Do".[2]
  • February 2013 at the KidExpo Paris, HolograFX won the 'Best Toy of the Year' within the Electronics category, along with the 'Best Toy Across All Categories'. Ultimately being given the 'Grand Prix' award by the judging committee.
  • 2013, HolograFX was awarded the title of Top Tech Toy at Toy Fair from organizers of Gadget Show Live, the UK's leading consumer tech event.[7]
  • 2013, the Belgium Toy Fair awarded Armenante 'Best Toy of the Year' for HolograFX.
  • Armenante was awarded the WITTY award by the United Kingdom Toy Inventors Association - a peer reviewed panel of toy inventors.[12]
  • January 2013, Armenante's HolograFX was awarded 'Best of Show' at the United Kingdom Toy Fair.
  • At the fifth annual London ToyFair in 2013, HolograFX was announced as a winner of the 'Best New Toy' award for the Youth Electronics category.[6][13]


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