Amirhossein Mahmoudi (violonist)

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Amirhossein Mahmoudi
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Background information
Birth nameAmir Mahmoudi
Born (1994-07-02) 2 July 1994 (age 29)
Qazvin, Iran
GenresIranian classical music
  • Musician
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Violinist
  • Singer
Years active2006
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Amirhossein Mahmoudi (born July 2, 1994) is an Iranian musician, composer, arranger, violinist and singer. His non-verbal style is a combination of traditional Iranian music and pop music. He has won first prize at the 58th Paganini International Competition in China.


He is been singing in family circles and school anthems since I was a child, and wherever possible, and almost everyone who saw me would tell my parents that this child is talented and let him pursue music more seriously, which will surely succeed; And that was the beginning of my artistic pursuits.[1] He is The violin maker is difficult and requires a lot of time and practice, but I did not start playing the violin at a young age! And I started learning the violin at the age of 17, but with a lot of daily practice, which made it possible for me to easily perform all the rows and hard works of Iranian music in two years.[2][3]

He major was high school in mathematics and physics, and after the entrance exam I studied industrial engineering at Barajin University in Qazvin, but because I was interested in civil engineering, I took the entrance exam again and continued my studies in civil engineering.[4] ; Of course, during this period, my musical activities had increased a lot and I worked with many groups and I was the leader of many groups, which made it difficult for me to study; After getting acquainted with Fereydoun Asraei, I went to Qazvin and came to Tehran for many concerts. So I decided to live in Tehran and stay away from my family and friends.[5]


He is not mistaken, I was 20 or 21 years old when I was in big concerts with my dear Fereydoun Asraei and I think I was the youngest violinist in Iran who was the soloist of such great performances.[6]

And after three years, I became the conductor of Fereydoun Asraei Orchestra Our performances were so many that the traffic from Qazvin to Tehran was too much and I had to live in Tehran.[7] He Unfortunately, I do not see a good situation for pop music; Composers who do not study much in the field of music and compose songs for famous singers who have a great impact on the type of music that is heard by the people; On the other hand, the criterion of the friends of the arranger and composer is only to produce something that will catch the attention of the people, and that is why they try to make songs in the simplest way and compose simple songs so that people can do it sooner. This melody should be preserved and this has caused us to listen to music these days that has become a hit but has no musical value; I suggest to my friends to produce works that have a musical load and last as long as the works we had in the past in Iranian pop music.[8]

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