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Amal Graafstra
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OrganizationMicrochip implant
TitleCEO of Microchip implant

Amal Graafstra, CEO of Dangerous Things and Vivokey is a Biohacker and Microchip implant developer, known for his work on implantable RFID/NFC human implantable microchip innovation and retail accessibility for the world market.[1] Prior to Dangerous Things, human implantable RFID technology wasn't well adopted with the human civilian population.[2]

Since 2008,[3] Amal has worked alongside multiple researchers and scientists to develop and produce NFC Microchip implant (human)|microchip implants and biohacking procedures.


  • 2013 - Founded Dangerous Things in Seattle
  • 2013 - Built the first commercially available implantable NFC compliant transponder[4][5]
  • 2017 - Founded Vivokey[6]
  • 2018 - Under Vivokey developed the first commercially available cryptographically-secure human implantable NFC transponders. The Vivokey Spark[7] as well as the Vivokey Flex One.


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