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Alex McCurry
Alex mccurry.png
Alejandro McCurry-Oliver

Sarasota, Florida
Other namesKing of Instagram
CitizenshipUnited States of America, Spain
EducationPine View School
  • Entrepreneur
OrganizationAstra Holdings
Known for
  • Digital branding
  • Startup Founder
  • Founder of Astra Holdings

Alex McCurry is an American entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketer, PR expert, and writer. He is considered a prolific digital brand-builder for individuals and companies by several media houses. Alex McCurry has a background in social media management and has built a network of over 500 million Instagram followers. He is known for building digital brands for high profile clientele through social networks, media, influencers, and other media solutions.[1]

McCurry was born in Sarasota, Florida. He developed an interest in business at an early age and built a list of prolific clientele, looking for better search visibility and social media traction. He's helped clients, to get featured on major media outlets, Wikipedia pages, verified social profiles, television placements and other related services to establish their digital brand.[2]

McCurry has been regarded as the “King of Instagram” by Kivo Daily.[3][4]

Early life and education

McCurry grew up in Sarasota, Florida. His father was a tennis coach and his mother was a veterinarian. McCurry had athletic inclinations from a young age. At the age of 10, he decided to play tennis full time inspired by his father Andrew McCurry. By the age of 18, he was among the top 150 in the USA based on the USTA rankings. He also achieved a professional tennis win in an ITF Future main draw in November 2018.[5]

McCurry attended school at Pine View School for the gifted. He has founded multiple companies while he was in high school. He decided to pursue entrepreneurship while rejecting admission offers from multiple universities.[6]


When McCurry was 15, he started working on social accounts and tying them into different business ventures. He noticed that his social media accounts were driving impact and started scaling his Instagram profiles. McCurry co-founded Columbia Marketing & Management in 2018 to help companies grow and organically monetize through social media. Since 2019, he was dubbed as the “King Of Instagram” marketing by the Kivo Daily, for building a network of 500 million Instagram followers on his platform generating billions of impressions every month. [7]

McCurry is known to offer traffic from his network of social media profiles to the clients. He assists companies, brands, and individuals to build their social network and enhance their organic reach through a combination of his network and tools.

His interest in branding led him to build a slew of alternative digital media resources to supplement those he had on Instagram. This led him to working with thought leaders and top tier executives across a multitude of industries by providing them with access to his branding tools.

McCurry has worked with celebrities, start-up companies, Fortune 500 executives, public companies, influencers, and others to enhance their social visibility and to connect with their audience.[8]

In an interview with California Herald, he mentioned the founding of his second public relations and branding company, Astra Strategies, which he founded under his holdings company Astra Holdings.[9]


Alex has over 28,000 followers on Instagram.

From June 2019, he has been an associate editor with Kivo Daily and he is also a contributing writer for BuzzFeed, ThriveGlobal, and Medium.[10]

Personal life

Currently, McCurry lives in Sarasota, Florida. He has a Siberian Husky named Caesar.



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