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Albin Myers
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Born (1981-11-13) November 13, 1981 (age 42)
  • Music producer
  • Artist
  • DJ
Years active2006–present
  • Deaf By Dawn
  • Spinnin' Records
  • Mutants Records
  • Dim Mak Recordings
  • Axtone
Associated acts
  • John Dahlbäck
  • Avicii
  • Carli
  • The Gang Gang Gang
  • Axwell

Albin Myers is a Swedish music producer, artist and DJ.


Albin was brought up in a theatrical family, which spurred him towards an artistic career from an early age. He started making music at the age of 15, getting started with his first DAW, Fasttracker 2. Experimenting with different genres, from Trance, to House, to Trip Hop and Drum & Bass.[1]

By 2007, Albin had been making remixes for Swedish pop acts under the alias “Punkstar” for a number of years. One of these acts was the Pop House duo The Attic. The duo, Michael Feiner and Eric Amarillo, enjoyed Albin's music and after hearing some of his original works, they signed him onto their own label “Starbuster Music”

Over the next year, Albin had 9 releases on the label. To promote his work and get it played, Albin utilized the nightlife scene of Stockholm, going out by himself and handing out his music to different DJs. Doing this landed him gigs here and there at smaller bars and clubs, allowing him to build up his fan base locally.

In 2008, Albin had begun to collaborate with more labels, one of which was Swedish label Joia Records. [2] This helped to further propel his career. Through this label, he got the opportunity to remix music for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Tom Novy, Eric Morillo, and John Dahlbäck. Albin remained prolific in the studio, constantly making original material that garnered the support of many top DJs.

In 2008, Albin released his first EP on Joia Records, titled Ultra Beat EP. The following year, he released a take on the classic Foo Fighters’ song "Times Like These" with Nero Recordings. This track was particularly successful in Australia and Brazil, and has since been licensed globally and has been supported by the top DJs in the dance music industry.[3]

It was this track that caught the attention of David Guetta, who called Albin up personally. However, Albin didn’t answer it, and instead later listened to the message left only to find out it was one of the biggest acts in the industry, and immediately called him back. During this call, Guetta played his track “When Love Takes Over” for him, and the following day, Myers received the acapella and piano stems to create a remix. Later that year, he opened for Guetta during his tour in Sweden.[4]

For the next decade, he has produced music and toured regularly. He has collaborated with artists such John Dahlback regularly, releasing a number of tracks on Dahlback's Mutants record label. Later, Albin released regularly on Dim Mak Recordings and on the Axtone label.

In 2011, he remixed Avicii's "Fade Into Darkness" which became a staple in the sets of many artists and DJs across the dance music scene. He later had further success with his release of "Hells Bells" in 2012, on Dim Mak Recordings, which became somewhat of a cult classic.[5]

Albin has been prolific throughout his career, spending many years in the studio, and collaborating regularly with other artists, such as John Dahlback and their MYBACK project [6] and Carli for the BUSY TEMPO project.

2016 saw his first release on Axwell's label Axtone. "What's The Time?" kicked off a prolific year of numerous international festival appearances, and a slot at Avicii's last ever live show, at Ushuaia Ibiza.[7]The same year, Albin formed his own label, Deaf By Dawn, which opened with the inaugural songs “The Bang Galore", "Shanti", and "The Blues". [8]

Since then Albin has become a household name in his home country by performing, recording and producing with a variety of homebred Hip Hop & RnB artists.

One of Albin's latest projects is THE GANG GANG GANG. The group consists of Myers and a Swedish hip hop artist named Habz. The two met a few years prior and now collaborate, creating a fusion of Swedish hip hop with the modern dance music sound.

This foray into the hip hop and RnB genres has extended to working with Bud Stankz on their 2019 Axtone release “Walking On Water” which features elements of Hybrid Trap and Big Room music.[9]

Myers’ latest releases in 2020 include “Po Po Pull Up” with ODZ, and “Bossen” with Ivory

Discography [10] [11]


  • Sex Me Up - Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Somewhat Lazy - Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Let The Good Times Roll - Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Headbanger - The Hetfields, Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Killer - Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Yeah! - The Hetfields, Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2008
  • BIG - Albin Myers, Alew Lewerentz (Starbuster) 2008
  • Times Like These - Albin Myers (Nero Recordings) 2009
  • Drink N Dial - Norman Doray & Albin Myers ‎(Serial Records) 2009
  • Somewhere - Albin Myers & Sandro Monte ft. Abigail Bailey (PinkStar Disko) 2009
  • Drop That - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Albin Myers (Sneakerz Muzik) 2010
  • Light Of Day - John Dahlbäck & Albin Myers (Mutants Records) 2010
  • There 4 You - Albin Myers ft. St James (Nero Recordings) 2010
  • Lönneberga - Albin Myers, Dabruck & Klein (WePlay) 2010
  • Wobble - Albin Myers (Mutants Records) 2011
  • Faking Love - Albin Myers (SOTLD) 2011
  • Loud Noises - Albin Myers (SOTLD) 2011
  • Bumbaclot - Albin Myers (Mutants Records) 2012
  • The Beast - Albin Myers (Musical Freedom) 2012
  • Grindhouse - Albin Myers (Universal Music) 2013
  • The Bastards Have Landed - Albin Myers vs F.O.O.L. (Universal Music) 2013
  • Pressure - Gregori Klosman, Albin Myers & Tristan Garner (Doorn Records) 2014
  • Death Electro - Albin Myers 2014
  • Jump 2014 - Albin Myers (Dim Mak Records) 2014
  • Breaking Your Locks - John Dahlbäck & Albin Myers (Mutants Records) 2015
  • Vibe - Albin Myers, John Dahlbäck, ILY (Universal Music) 2015
  • Switch - Albin Myers (Universal Music) 2015
  • Rotterdam - Albin Myers (Universal Music) 2015
  • Mind Blown - Albin Myers (Universal Music) 2015
  • Deaf By Dawn - Albin Myers (Universal Music) 2015
  • - Albin Myers (Universal Music) 2015
  • Lord - John Dahlbäck & Albin Myers (Flamingo Recordings) 2015
  • Chemistry 101 (theme from “Grym Kemi”) - Albin Myers 2016
  • The Bang Galore - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2016
  • Shanti - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2016
  • What’s The Time? - Albin Myers (Axtone) 2016
  • The Blues - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2016
  • Sugarplum Fairy - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2016
  • Murda Tune - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2017
  • Take Me Down - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2017
  • 1000 - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2017
  • Wind Up Your Waist - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2017
  • Dumb - Albin Myers & Anis Don Demina (Deaf By Dawn) 2018
  • Overseas Money - Albin Myers, The Gang Gang Gang & Habz 2018
  • De Niro Pacino - Albin Myers, The Gang Gang Gang, Habz & Kamohelo 2018
  • GANG GANG GANG - Albin Myers, The Gang Gang Gang & Young Earth Sauce 2018
  • Walking On Water - Albin Myers ft. Bud Stankz (Axtone) 2019
  • Devil - Albin Myers 2019
  • Deep In My Soul - Rob & Jack Vs. Albin Myers ‎(Axtone) 2019
  • Take Me Down (2020 VIP) - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2020
  • Po Po Pull Up - Albin Myers & ODZ - 2020
  • Bossen - Albin Myers & Ivory - 2020
  • VA RA - Albin Myers & Gonza-Ra - 2020


  • The Punk EP - Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Ashes To Ashes / Dust to Dust - Albin Myers (Starbuster) 2007
  • Ultra Beat EP - Albin Myers (Joia Records) 2008
  • Pangea & Archipelago - Albin Myers (Pickadoll Gold) 2009
  • Boom!!! EP - Albin Myers (Defected) 2009
  • Jump EP - Albin Myers (Joia Records) 2010
  • MyBack EP - John Dahlbäck & Albin Myers (Astrx) 2011
  • Hells Bells EP - Albin Myers (Dim Mak Records) 2012
  • Ganesha EP - Albin Myers (Dim Mak Records) 2014
  • The Legend (Busy Tempo Originals) - Albin Myers & Carli (Nest) 2015
  • Rave Ghost 13 - Albin Myers (Deaf By Dawn) 2017

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