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Akeem Mair
Akeem Mair.JPG
Born (1988-09-16) September 16, 1988 (age 35)
Pasadena, California
NationalityAfrican American/Jamaican
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Commercial Talent Agency
  • Minc Talent
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Akeem Jamahl Mair (born September 16, 1988) is an African-American actor, currently signed with the (under Sarah Angeli) and Minc Talent (under Mariko Ballentine).[1] Mair rose to fame after being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which generated over 5 million views on Ellen’s Instagram page, and since then has made appearances in movie productions like Gangster City, It's on You, 417: Person with a Gun, The Kidnap, Red, Jolly Boy Friday, Life of a Villain, and Happy Birthday to name a few.[2]

Mair has also appeared on the Ellen Show’s “Speak The Lyrics” which generated over 5 million views on Instagram and on the season finale of Iyanla’s Fix My Life on Oprah Winfrey’s network as a super fan.[3] Apart from that, Mair has also been featured on Ad Council, Walmart, Realtor.com, and Apex Legends commercials with his brother, Wesley Mair.[4]

Early life and education

Mair was born on September 16, 1988, at the Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California. His father Erol James Mair is an entrepreneur and his mother Queen Alice Mair is a public service worker. Eddie Murphy's character in the 1988 movie office hit Coming to America inspired Akeem's name. He is the oldest of four siblings.

From Kindergarten to sixth grade, Mair attended Linda Vista Elementary. From 9th to 12th grade, he attended John Marshall. In 2007, he graduated from John Marshall Fundamental High School and then went to e Pasadena City College where he majored in Business/Finance. Wishing to become an investment banker during college, he enrolled in the Ujima Program at the PCC Campus.


Mair started working in 2009. Initially, he worked for Ralph’s grocery store as a cashier and meat clerk.[5] In the beginning, Mair aspired to become an investment banker inspired by Micheal Douglas, it was later that he fell into acting and decided to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.[6][7]

Mair signed with Central Casting and Extras Management in 2012 and landed his first significant featured role on The Mentalist in 2013.[8] Following his appearance in the episode Black Cherry, Mair landed three additional appearances scheduled for next year, for the films Her, They Die by Dawn, and In the Name of God.[9]

Mair has booked many primary and starring roles in several California universities and independent filmmaker productions in 2013, in addition to these supplementary roles. Popular remakes from the Los Angeles Film School, such as Good Will Hunting as Will, are among them. After that, he got featured in the Art Institute of Hollywood's short films Limbo, Silent Love, and Life of a Villain. Mair appeared in two lead parts at Columbia College of Hollywood productions: All About the Money and A Wonderful World. He landed a prominent role in Spotted as Todd, a remake of Born Fourth of July, at the University of Southern California. He earned main roles in Initiation as the BKE leader Brad, The Old College Try, and Adagio at the University of California, Los Angeles.[10]

Apart from that, Mair has also been a part of Two New York Film Academy films featuring The Kidnap and Fine Line. He gained mass recognition in the industry after his work in Fine Line went viral. Mair has also booked some big independent films such as Red, Jolly Boy as Rich Boy, Happy Birthday, Gangster City, Another Crazy Christmas, and others. On the web, he has been involved in many web series episodes of Motivate Me, Blood of the Dead as Allistair, and on the YouTube channel called Girls going Viral.

I’m 2020-21, Mair was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which Ellen described as “the best episode she’s ever seen.” It generated over 5 million views on Ellen’s Instagram page. He has also appeared on Iyanla’s Fix My Life on Oprah’s network, Apex Legends commercial with over 1 million views on YouTube, Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady, and many more.


S.No. Title Year Type Role
1 Glee 2012 TV Series High school student dancer
2 The Mentalist 2012 TV Series Main thug
3 Castle 2013 TV Series Club goer
4 NCIS: Los Angeles 2013 TV Series Pedestrian
5 Monday Mornings 2013 TV Series Chef/family visitor
6 Good Will Hunting Remake: Los Angeles Film School Workshop 2013 Short film Will
7 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2013 TV Series Pedestrian
8 Hannah and Her Sisters Remake: Los Angeles Film School Workshop 2013 Short film Norman
9 Kidnap 2013 Short video Kidnapper #2
10 Fine Line 2013 Short Film Joe
11 Mysterious & Ways 2013 Short Film Airplane / Terminal Passenger
12 It's All About the Money 2013 Short Film Jim
13 Initiation 2013 Short video Brad
14 They Die by Dawn 2013 Film Cowboy
15 Her 2013 Film Future Beach Goer
16 In the Name of God 2013 Film Support group member
17 Dustland 2013 Short Film Jack Ringling
18 The John Kerwin Show 2013 TV Series Self
19 School Dance 2014 Film High school student
20 Blood of the Dead 2014 Short Film Allistair
21 Bout to Be a Riot 2015 Short Video Tucker
22 World I See 2015 Short Video Klan #1
23 The Player 2015 TV Movie Henchman / Cafe Patron
24 Motivate Me 2015 TV Series (Short) Ivory / Akeem
25 Topiary 2015 Short Film The Figure
26 The Art of Compromise 2015 Short Film Jeremy
27 Happy Birthday 2015 Short Film Chirs
28 Red 2015 Short Film The Man
29 You Can Do This Parents 2016 Video Documentary (Short) Walter (segment 5)
30 Jolly Boy Friday 2016 Short Film Rich boy
31 Gangster City 2016 Short Film Officer Cuneo
32 417: Person with a Gun 2016 Short Film Reece
33 The Wokking Dead 2016 TV Series Chris
34 All I Ever Wanted 2016 Film DJ
35 Lake of Fire 2017 Film Highschool student
36 See Me 2019 Short Film $ean Money-M@ker the Rapper
37 It's on You TBD Film Dame

Personal life

Mair loves to write poetry in his spare time. His compositions are available on Poem Hunter. He is also an avid collector of Pokémon Cards. Mair is a fan of Tupac Shakur and has a wide selection of all his albums and clothes featuring him. He has been diligently following/adopting the artist's work ethic in his daily life.

Apart from that, Mair also likes to engage in weight lifting, drawing, reading the Bible and business/finance books, and playing basketball.


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