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AirCoin DAO Labs
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Platform(s)Binance smart chain

AirCoin DAO Labs is a decentralized autonomous organization known for offering bespoke products including AIRtoken, AIRNFT, AIRCash, and ACGVentures. AirCoin was created with the goal of being simple to use, anonymous, and secure for crypto participants, potentially making the blockchain ecosystem safer and more accessible.[1]


AirCoin DAO Labs initially started its journey with the release of a meme token and then eventually developed into a DAPP ecosystem that is currently on its way to becoming a capital ecosystem.[2]

The idea behind the launch of this project was to build AIR into the indispensable fresh AIR step by step. Since its inception, it has been evolving continuously to become the biggest ecosystem in the crypto world.[3]

AirCash is AIR's first DAPP, with the goal of creating a decentralized OTC platform with a smart contract that is anonymous, secure, and high-performing.[4] The $AIR coin is a BEP20 token that has voting rights.[5] The more $AIR a person has, the more influence they have over 'proposal' voting. A proposal is a reusable piece of code that modifies the governance contract or the treasury. A person must have at least 1 trillion $AIR assigned to their address in their account in order to create a proposal.[6]

AirCash has created a credit system based on the AIR token currency. Users in AirCash can create multiple identities by staking AIR tokens for profit. AIR tokens have a maximum quantity of 10,000 trillion. Over 95.55 percent of AIR tokens have been burned as of 2022, with the AIRNFT mining smart contract locking 3.95 percent of AIR tokens. Every month, qualifying AIR holders can claim 1% of AIR tokens using AIRNFT, with the ratio halving every 12 months.[7]


Haldean: Initially AirCoin DAO Labs started as a meme coin and was first listed on PancakeSwap.

Archean: Soon the project garnered over 20K community members and 10K active token holders.

Proterozonia: The project gained momentum and within a short period of time spiked up to accommodate over 200K community members and 100K active token holders. At this stage, the project was listed on over 20 exchange sites.

Phanerozoic: In this stage, AirCoin DAO Labs released other products including AirPool, a pool system for mining; AirSwap, a decentralized exchange; AirCash, a cash system for AIR and AirPay, a payment system for AIR.

Cambrian Explosion: At this stage, AirCoin DAO Labs will further develop its product portfolio, all the while building its community and expanding the ecosystem.


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