Ainz “Brainz” Prasad

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Ainz “Brainz” Prasad
Ainz Brainz Prasad.JPG
Edmonton, Alberta
Other names
  • Brainz
  • Brainz Dimilo
  • Brainz Music
Alma materInstitute of Communication Arts
  • Film Composer
  • Songwriter
  • Music Producer
  • Entrepreneur

Ainz “Brainz” Prasad popularly known as Brainz, Brainz Dimilo, and Brainz Music is a film composer, music producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame by producing popular music in Save The Last Dance (2001), Hardball (2001), Bringing Down The House (2003), and Django Unchained (2013).[1]

Brainz has worked on numerous projects and with several prolific artists including Jamie Foxx, RickRoss, French Montana, P! NK, Quentin Tarantino, BabyFace, Snoop, Krayzie Bone, Miley Cyrus, MasterP, Common, Beanie Man, and others. He has also been associated with leading industry giants such as Netflix, FOX Network, BET, and ESPN 30 for 30.[2]

Brainz is well known for offering professional and personal development programs to musicians. He has made over 10millon record sales that are available on all the music platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Soundcloud.[3]

Early life and education

Brainz was born in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 1995, Brainz enrolled in the Institute of Communication Arts to pursue a sound engineer and binaural hearing course. During his time there, he also learned to design recording studio spaces.


Brainz started his career soon after he graduated from college by signing a deal with Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds. Having had a successful first project on his hands, Brainz’s career took a stride and in a short period of time, he became a multi-platinum music producer.[4]

Since his debut in the industry, Brainz has produced music for FOX Network, BET, and ESPN 30 for 30. and more. He has also contributed to multiple Hollywood films such as Save The Last Dance, Django, The Amazing Spider-Man, Hard Ball, Pootie Tang, Beerfest, and others.

In 2010, Brainz entered in a signed partnership with BMG music Publishing under which he has composed music for Jamie Foxx, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, P! NK, Miley Cyrus, French Montana, PitBull, and several other prolific artists.

Throughout his career, he has also produced for several commercial campaigns including Verizon, Mercedes Benz, Steph Curry Under Armor, and Bombay Sapphire.

In 2018 Brainz became the music producer for the 2018 BET Awards. In 2020, Brainz entered in a signed partnership with BMG music Publishing.

As of 2021, Brainz is the music composer on a Netflix tv series titled "Dad Stop Embarrassing Me", the film composer on "Groove Tales" animation feature film.


S.No. Title Role Year
1 2gether (TV Movie) Composer 2000
2 P!Nk: You Make Me Sick (Short Video) Composer 2000
3 Save the Last Dance (Movie) Writer, Composer 2001
4 Hardball (Movie) Writer, Composer 2001
5 Josie and the Pussycats Composer 2001
6 Pootie Tang Composer 2001
7 Pluto Nash Writer 2002
8 Love Don't Cost a Thing Composer 2003
9 Bringing Down the House Writer 2003
10 College Hill (TV Series) Composer 2004
11 Havoc Composer 2005
12 Cribs (TV Series) Composer 2005
13 The Oprah Winfrey Show (TV Series) Composer 2005
14 Beerfest Composer 2006
15 College Hill Atlanta (TV Series) Composer 2008
16 Black Poker Stars Invitational (TV Series) Composer 2008
17 First In (TV Series documentary) Composer, Writer 2009
18 In the Flow with Affion Crockett (TV Series) Composer 2011
19 Django Unchained Composer 2012
20 Oprah Prime (TV Series) Composer 2012
21 A Dynamic Duo: Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx Composer 2013
22 ...And She Was My Eve (Video short) Composer 2013
23 BET Awards 2018 (TV Special) Music Supervisor 2018
24 Torn: Dark Bullets (Album) Composer 2020
25 Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (TV Series) Composer 2021
26 All-Star Weekend Music Editor post -production


Braniz is the recipient of the American Music Award for the soundtrack of the year (Save The Last Dance). Brainz and his production partners over at HMG acquired a publishing catalog that earned them five Grammys in 2018. Unpredictable (Jamie Foxx) 2x Platinum, Can’t Take Me Home (P!NK) 2x Platinum, Save The Last Dance (Sound Track) 2x Platinum, Blue Carpet Treatment (Snoop Dogg), Thug Mentality (Krayzie Bone) 2x Platinum, Josie& The Pussy Cats (Soundtrack) Gold.


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