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IndustryMusical Instruments
Number of locations
Area served
  • Europe
  • US
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Russia
Key people
  • Halil Kırmızıgül
  • Samet Kırmızıgül
  • Cymbals
  • Percussion Instruments
ParentKırmızıgül Music Company

Agean Cymbals is a manufacturer of Cymbal and other Percussion instrument, of the Classical music, Folk music, and Music of Turkey traditions. Their factory is located in Edirne, whilst its main office is situated in Istanbul. They are notable for their commitment to preserving hand-crafting techniques and the tradition of cymbal making that dates back to the Ottoman Empire[1]. They sell their products in Europe, USA, Japan, Brazil, Columbia, and Russia[2].


Agean Cymbals was founded in 2002 by Behnan Gomez[3][4]. In 2007, the brand was bought by the Kırmızıgül family, who were already manufacturing traditional Turkish and other ethnic percussion instruments — including Goblet drums, Goblet drum, and Bongo drum — under the Kırmızıgül Company brand.

Until late 2007, the Agean Cymbals factory was located in Istanbul, but the company decided to move production operations to Uzunköprü, Edirne, since traditional cymbal manufacture was becoming difficult to maintain in such a dense city.

Agean cymbals have presented their products at Musikmesse Frankfurt, including 2007-2009 and 2017-2018. They were also set to present in 2020 but the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic[5]. In 2017, they presented a new kind of low-volume cymbal — a type often used for practice or in smaller venues where louder cymbals are impractical — using traditional Bronze the first company to use the material for low-volume cymbals[6][7][8]. In 2019 they expanded operations to produce other kinds of percussion instruments in addition to their line of cymbals.

Production Methodology and Philosophy

The company states that “we choose to manufacture our cymbals in the time honoured fashion — 100% hand-crafted”[9]. Their methodology of manufacture is centred around this idea, and seems to be harkening back to the tradition of cymbal-making famous in the Ottoman Empire; which were used largely within Ottoman military band[10][11][12].

All of their cymbals are hand-hammered, forgoing the use of Power auto-hammering that is common within modern cymbal production[12]. Cooking the cymbals — the process by which the metal cymbal “puck” is heated to high temperatures — is also done using coal and wood ovens dug into the ground (known as ground casting), rather than modern gas or electric ones. They also commit to using traditional bronze alloys, such as B20 and B25, as their Cymbal alloys[13][14].

Cymbal Ranges

  • Regular/Natural/Flat R Low Noise Cymbals
  • Beast Series
  • Brx
  • Custom & Custom Brilliant Series
  • Effect
  • Half Moon
  • Elegant Series
  • Extreme Series
  • Hush Hush Series
  • Karia Series
  • Legend Series
  • Natural Series
  • Rock Master Series
  • Samir Series
  • Special Jazz Series
  • Stoned Series
  • Syphax Series
  • Treasure Jazz Series
  • Z Series
  • Agora Set - 3x Cymbal Pack
  • Samet Set - 5x Cymbal Pack
  • Silver Series Set (discontinued)
  • Troy Performance Set (discontinued)

Other Products

  • Goblet drum (Traditional Middle-eastern goblet drum similar to the African djembe. Made in copper, aluminium and clay.)
  • Bongo drum
  • Riq/Tambourine
  • rame drums
  • Practice pads
  • Cajons & Snare Cajons
  • Shaker (musical instrument)

Affiliated Artists

A full list of Agean’s associated artists and their biographies can be found on the company’s website.


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