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Adolfo Trepiana
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Musician
  • Composer
  • Arranger

Adolfo Trepiana (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1984) is an Argentinian musician, composer and arranger.


Adolfo Trepiana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1984. He started his musical studies when he was 8 years old, first with the guitar and later on with the bandoneon, obtaining his diploma as a musician and arranger specialized in tango styles, from the hands of Horacio Ferrer, at the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina, Conservatorio de Estilos Argentino Galvan. He was a bandoneon teacher in the same institution between 2007 and 2010, and also taught bandoneon and tango ensemble at Orlando Goñi tango school, between 2007 and 2011.

As a Bandoneonist, he was a part of renowned tango groups, such as Astillero, La Juan D’arienzo[1][2][3][4][5][6][7], Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta[8], and Juan Pablo Gallardo Orquesta. He also participated in the projects of musical personalities in the Argentinian and international music scene (Maria Jose Demare[9][10][11][12], Omar Mollo[13][14], Guillermo Fernandez, and Maria Graña).

During his career, Adolfo toured the world performing in renowned festivals and stages of the world including Montreal International Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival[15], Barbican Centre[16][17], London Jazz Festival, Vrije Geluiden[18], EBS Space[19], Lincoln Center in NYC[20][21], Megaron International Centre[22][23], National Theatre (Prague)[24], Southbank Centre, New Victory Theater, Konzerthaus, Vienna[25], Ulsan Jazz Festival, BBC Radio[26], Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Min-On Concert Association[27], among others.

As a session musician, he participated in the recordings of different artists. One of the most important was Yawning Man's 'Historical Graffiti’ [28][29][30][31][32][33][34], from 2016, an album that the band from California, creators of desert rock recorded in Buenos Aires, during their South American tour.

Since 2014 he performs as a soloist for the cruise company Holland America Line, in the South American season, and as a part of the show ‘Tango Buenos Aires’ by Mario & Daniel Celario, for Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines, performing all over the world. In 2019 he worked with Latin Grammy Award nominees Tanghetto[35], during their U.S. tour. He is the leader of the quintet ‘Astormentados’[36][37][38], recreating Astor Piazzolla’s original arrangements.


  • Astillero
    • 2013 - Soundtrack Buenos Aires
  • La Juan D’arienzo
    • 2014 - Cortando Clavos
    • 2016 - Siciliano
  • Orquesta Tipica Julian Peralta
    • 2012 - Un Disparo en la Noche, Vol.1
    • 2016 - Un Disparo en la Noche, Vol.2
  • Yawning Man
    • 2016 - Historical Graffiti
  • Tangothic
    • 2008 - Revolucion
    • 2012 - Ciudad de Tango
    • 2015 - One Last Tango
  • Yamila Asero
    • 2013 - Flor de Barro
  • Oniricotango
    • 2012 - Sera Porque Sera
  • Lorena Bracamonte
    • 2013 - El Instante
  • Diego Gallo
    • 2014 - Artesano
  • Diego Gallo & Hector Romero
    • 2013 - Vuelta y Vuelta


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