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Adobe Campaign
Other namesNeolane
Developer(s)Adobe Inc.
Initial release2001 (Initial release)
Operating system
  • CentOs
  • Debian
  • RHEL
  • Windows Serve
Available inMultilingual

Adobe Campaign is cross-channel marketing, and marketing automation application for email marketing developed by Adobe, an American multinational computer software company.[1] This campaign facilitates the design, execution, and measurement of marketing campaigns across channels.[2] Adobe Campaign works on conversational marketing technology and offers personalized solutions. Adobe Campaign helps marketers design, orchestrate, execute, and measure personalized communications across all online and offline channels including websites, email, direct mail, and emerging channels like mobile applications. This campaign aims at empowering its clients and helping them facilitate sustainable one-to-one dialogues.[3]

Adobe Campaign is integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe’s business-to-business software as a service (SaaS) applications.[4][5]


Adobe Campaign was created in 2013 when Adobe acquired Neolane, a French marketing automation company. Neolane was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Paris, with satellite offices across Europe, Asia, and North America. Neolane had a vast and diverse customer base, including Sony, Samsung, Dior, IKEA, and Accor Hotels. Neolane had an annual turnover of roughly $60 million.

Adobe, with the acquisition of Neolane, added another application to Adobe Marketing Cloud, which includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Media Optimizer. Adobe Campaign, with its introduction, offered multiple features that added several additional attributes.[6] These features included a real-time offer recommendation engine that creates personalized messages, leads handling protocols, high-volume email marketing campaigns, and marketing resource management.[7]

In just six years, Adobe has advanced Neolane’s original product to become a pioneer in the industry.[8]


After the acquisition of Neolane, several updates were made in the original system and many AI features were added.[9] These updates focused primarily on email and a key channel in the arsenal of the marketer. The newly added features automated the entire process of marketing and helped to create a selective, personalized, and automated environment, enabling the clients to deliver the right experiences to the right individuals at the right time.

Each new feature was designed to achieve automation to recognize patterns in client behavior and react accordingly. These features and their benefits include:

  • Predictive send-time optimization: Analyzes customer engagement data and informs marketers of the most effective time to send an email to maximize the impact[10]
  • Predictive churn feature: Analyzes trending customer engagement data and historical unsubscribe data to determine if another send will irritate the customer into unsubscribing.
  • Journey Orchestration: Allows brands to automatically deliver real-time messages initiated by an authenticated customer action.

Product features and integration

Adobe Campaign offers a platform to design cross-channel customer experiences in an environment that provides real-time interaction management and visual campaign orchestration. Adobe Campaign is focused on delivering the ability to create consistent experiences across all touchpoints to facilitate a high degree of customer engagement. Adobe campaign allows its clients to coordinate, model, streamline, and automate customer communications and marketing campaigns.[11]

The key capabilities of Adobe Campaign are:

  • Integrated customer profiles
  • Targeted segmentation
  • Advanced data management
  • Cross-channel campaign orchestration
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Personalization and real-time interaction
  • Adobe Experience Cloud integrations

Recognition and awards

In 2019, Gartner, Inc., a global research and advisory company, named Adobe Campaign, a leader on the Magic Quadrant for multichannel marketing hubs. For this measure, Gartner defines Leaders as “consistently doing considerably better in overall multichannel marketing performance for basic and advanced campaigns and integration with digital marketing. They have high market visibility, high market penetration, strong market momentum, and a strategic vision for growing the multichannel marketing hub business.”

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