Aditya Raj Singh

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Aditya Raj Singh
Adtiya Raj.PNG
Born (2001-11-25) November 25, 2001 (age 22)
Siwan, Bihar, India
Alma materSpring Meadows Public School
  • Stallion Cognitive
  • BNCW Media (OPC) Private Limited
  • RunWeb
  • Acrux Cloud
  • NamasteFinance
Known for
  • Digital branding
  • Startup Founder
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • Sangita Singh (mother)

Aditya Raj Singh (born 25 Nov 2001) is an Indian serial entrepreneur, online marketing expert and investor. He is considered a prolific digital brand-builder and has been recognized as a leader in customer acquisition and business development strategies. Aditya is the founder of Stallion Cognitive, a full service website design and finance focused businesses marketing company. He has attained recognition as founder of a successful financial marketing agency at the age of 16.[1][2]

Aditya has been widely covered in all major news outlets including Yahoo, Hindustan times, Influencive, and several others. He is best known as a Young Serial Entrepreneur of India.[3][4]

Early life and education

Aditya was born in the Siwan district of Bihar, India. He attended the Spring Meadows Public School in New Delhi, India. Aditya began his career in 2013 when he started learning HTML, CSS and started posting videos on YouTube. In 2014, he started working as a video content editor and also gained hands-on experience in PHP, javascript, and CSS when he began a part-time remote job with a New York-based company. He is a certified digital business consultant.


In 2018, Aditya decided to pursue entrepreneurship while deciding to drop out of school. He launched Stallion Cognitive, a financial marketing agency. The company has received a warm welcome and quickly outgrown to serve national and international clients. He also founded RunWeb, a company with WaaS service providing website design, security, hosting, ongoing support and update. He founded Acrux Cloud in 2020, VPS hosting company. He also started a blog NamasteFinance, giving the tips and information about investing in different mediums, a stock market, mutual funds or crypto currencies. In 2020, Aditya founded BNCW Media, a company that works with large-scale businesses to help them with online marketing solutions that work for them.[5]


Certified Digital Business Consultant (Issuing authority WP Elevation)

Personal life

Currently, Aditya lives in New-Delhi, India. He is a stock investor, a minimalist, a mentor, a confidante and a passionate reader.[6][7]


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