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Adam Hall Group
IndustryProduction and distribution of event technology solutions
Founded1980 in Oberlauken,
FounderDavid John Kirby
Neu Anspach
Key people
  • Alexander Pietschmann
  • Markus Jahnel
  • David Kirby
  • Professional light
  • audio- and stage- equipment
  • 95 Million euro (2018)
  • 104 Million euro (2019)
  • Alexander Pietschmann
  • Markus Jahnel
  • David Kirby
Number of employees
192 (2017)

The Adam Hall Group's main lines of business deal with the production and distribution of products for the entertainment and event industry as well as the production and distribution of fittings and accessories for transport cases. The company is based in The company is based in Neu Anspach in the district of Hochtaunuskreis, Hesse, Germany.

In 2016, Adam Hall GmbH won third place in the ranking for the top-selling German companies active in the musical instrument and music equipment industry[1], and it is designated as a global player in the professional audio, lighting, and event industry and in music retail.[2],[3] [4],[5]


In 1975, Mr. Adam Hall began manufacturing and distributing robust flight case fittings in a garage and founded Adam Hall Supplies Ltd. in the English city of Southend-on-Sea, Essex[6], [7] One of his customers back then, David John Kirby, was on tour in Germany with his UK band. Kirby not only played the bass, he also looked after repairs, played around with the sound and lighting effects, upgraded the equipment, and managed the band. After five years of touring, the band broke up and in 1980 Kirby and Hall founded Adam Hall GmbH in Oberlauken in the district of Weilrod, Hesse, Germany, in order to develop and sell flight case fittings and loudspeaker parts in Germany.His company expanded quickly and also started producing and selling pro audio products. David John Kirby became the managing director of Adam Hall GmbH in 1980.

After first moving to Usingen in 1983, the company relocated to larger facilities in Neu-Anspach in 1990[8],[9] Adam Hall left the company during a buyout of Adam Hall GmbH and Adam Hall ltd. in 1993. David Kirby then became the majority shareholder and assumed management of Adam Hall ltd. The company launched the B2B web shop in 1998.In 2008, the company moved to Daimlerstrasse to bundle all activities in one place. Adam Hall GmbH's new European logistics center is approximately 215,278 square feet in size. It is made up of a 69,965 square foot warehouse, a 10,764 square foot area for value-added services, and 26,910 square foot area spread over three floors for administration and a showroom. After 33 years at the top, David Kirby passes on the management torch in 2013 as part of the succession plan. Markus Jahnel and Alexander Pietschmann take over as the new managing directors of the Adam Hall Group and acquire company shares during the buyout. David Kirby stayed on as executive chairman and managing director of the company[10] In 2014, Adam Hall GmbH expanded into Asia, and founded Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore and opened showrooms in Singapore and Barcelona in 2015 [11] [12] Adam Hall North America Inc. is established in Riverdale, New Jersey, in 2018.[13] [14] The column loudspeaker LD Systems Maui P900 is developed together with Porsche Design[15] In 2018, an investment of approx. 24 million euros is made to newly construct an 81,806 square foot Experience Center, a 60,278 logistics extension, and a warehouse measuring 494,405 cubic feet. Since October, 10,000 pallet spaces and 17,000 container spaces have been available in the automated small-parts warehouse. The new service center is 4,305 square feet. A photovoltaic system measuring 69,965 square feet will be installed at the company headquarters.[20] The facade of the Experience Center resembles the housing of Adam Hall's LD Systems audio speakers and the building houses offices, labs, a showroom, and theater/concert hall for live performances and product presentations with room for 800 audience members [16]

Music fans will find a small private Rock ’n’ Roll Museum with tools, photos, books, and instruments on display from the Beatles, Slash, Michael Jackson, etc., as well as items on loan from Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa[17] [18] In June 2018, the Adam Hall Academy was also opened for seminars and workshops to be held in collaboration with the training institution DEAplus[19]

Company structure

The company is separated into four divisions:

  • Distribution of Adam Hall brands and third-party brands through an international dealer/distributor network from the music retail, industry, and rental sectors.
  • B2B online store
  • Production and development of products for the event and music equipment industry
  • Warehouse and logistics center

There are branches located in Singapore, the UK, and the USA.


Adam hall brands

  • LD Systems (professional sound technology)
  • Cameo (professional lighting technology)
  • Gravity (stage, studio & music stands and accessories)
  • Palmer (products for audio professionals and musicians)
  • Defender (cable protection systems)
  • Adam Hall Hardware (flight case material)
  • Adam Hall Stage Equipment (three- and four-point truss systems, musical stands, Molton stage fabrics and gauze mesh, power distributors, professional plug connectors, pre-assembled cables gaffer tape)

Distribution brands

  • Advance (adhesive tape)
  • Blickle (wheels and casters)
  • Bralo (manufacturer of rivets and multi-grip rivets)
  • Eminence (loudspeakers)
  • faital Pro (loudspeakers)
  • Guitel (wheels and casters)
  • BMS (drivers and speakers)
  • Maton (hand-made Australian acoustic/electric guitars)
  • Neutrik (audio, video, and light plugs)
  • Ram Audio (audio amplifiers)
  • Riggatec (clamps, hooks, slings, ropes, and brackets)
  • Tente (wheels)
  • Varta (alkaline batteries)
  • Höfner (acoustic, classical, and electric guitars, Archtop guitars, bass guitars, string instruments)
  • EBS Sweden (amp tops and combo amps, loudspeakers, effects pedals designed specifically for bassists)
  • Mad Professor (effects pedals)

Research and development

The company invests in the research and development of new products and technologies. The Experience Center is vital for the further development of technology. The integrated area for research and development located in the other half of the Experience Center features an anechoic acoustics measuring chamber, a wide variety of endurance and climatic test rigs, a light measurement lab, and lots of room for building models and 3-D prototyping. [20] Adam Hall GmbH holds several patents for loudspeakers, spotlights, stands, and cable protection systems. [21] [22] [23]



The company supports young talents, bands, schools, and clubs by sponsoring their equipment and through other investments.[33] [34] [35] In March 2019, BigCityBeats was sponsored with spotlights and audio products for its Airbus A310 Zero-G World Club Dome.[36]

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