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Accra is the biggest city in Ghana as well as the nation's capital. It is situated on the southern coast of the country at the Gulf of Guinea, which is a portion of the Atlantic Ocean. Accra has an area of 225.67 km2 (87.13 sq mi), and it is anticipated that the city would have a population of 4.2 million people in its metropolitan core by the year 2020. It is split into 12 local government districts, including 11 municipal districts and the Accra Metropolitan District, which is the only district inside the capital to be awarded city status. The Accra Metropolitan District is the only district within the capital to be granted city status. When people talk about "Accra," they are typically referring to the Accra Metropolitan Area, which is the capital of Ghana. However, the district that falls under the jurisdiction of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly is referred to as the "City of Accra," which differentiates it from the rest of the capital. On the other hand, the names "Accra" and "City of Accra" are often used synonymously in common speech.

Accra, formerly known as Jamestown, Usshertown, and Christiansborg, was the capital of the British Gold Coast from 1877 until 1957 and has since developed into a contemporary metropolitan area. Accra was created by the merger of three separate settlements that were located around three different forts: British Fort James, Dutch Fort Crêvecoeur (Ussher Fort), and Danish Fort Christiansborg. This is reflected in the architecture of the nation's capital, which spans the gamut from colonial structures dating back to the 19th century to ultra-modern high-rises and residential complexes.

Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA), which is home to approximately 4 million people and ranks as Africa's thirteenth-largest metropolitan area, is anchored by the city of Accra, which serves as the economic and administrative hub of the Greater Accra Region. Accra also serves as the anchor of the larger Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). Accra was given the designation of a "Gamma " level global metropolis by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network think tank in the year 2020. This indicates that the city's degree of worldwide impact and connection is increasing.