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Abdul Bakhrani
Abdul Bakhrani.JPG
Born (1966-04-26) April 26, 1966 (age 58)
Mombasa, Kenya
EducationUniversity of Leicester
OccupationSerial Entrepreneur
Years active1986 - present
  • Digital Communication Group Ltd.
  • Digital Communication LLC
  • Screen Media LLC
  • SmartScreen Ltd.
  • Intersat Africa Ltd.
  • Smart Stuff Agencies
  • Gilano Footwear Industries Ltd.
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
ChildrenIbrahim Bakhrani (son)

Abdul Bakhrani (born 26 April, 1966) is a serial entrepreneur, business executive, innovator, public speaker and philanthropist.[1] He currently serves as the CEO of Digital Communication LLC, a technology company that offers customised digital media solutions, CEO of SmartScreen, a digital advertising company and Chairman of Inition Limited, a technology innovation agency. Bakhrani is best known for his contributions in the satellite, digital advertising and communications Industry and was behind the introduction of Digital Satellite TV and Broadband Internet in Kenya.[2] He has initiated several major projects in the Middle East and Africa, including the Rural Internet Kiosk through his Solar Powered Advanced Rural Communication (SPARC) initiative in Africa. His recent, most notable achievement is the unique design of the media delivery system for the Guinness triple-world-record-breaking OLED display at the Dubai Mall. He also produced the world's first 80K video for this display.

Bakhrani is an award winning business executive who has over 30 years of experience in the communications industry and has played a major role in several ground breaking projects such as the design & construction of the world’s first Virtual Reality Zoo, world’s largest Video Wall and Discovery Channel’s very first shark week exhibit.[3] He has been recognised as a pioneer in the communications and advertising industry.

Bakhrani speaks at conferences and industry events on the topics of digital advertising, advertising innovation, entrepreneurship and ecopreneurship. He has been known for philanthropic work to support education initiatives, in 2015 he launched the AISHA Project, an educational initiative to alleviate education poverty in rural Africa.

Early life and education

Bakhrani was born in Mombasa, Kenya where he attended M.M, Shah Primary school and Allidina Visram High School. He then pursued a Master of Business Administration at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.


Early business career

Bakhrani started his career as a sole proprietor of Gilano Fashions in 1986 which was a footwear manufacturing company. In a year he became the founder & managing director of Gilano Footwear Industries Ltd, a company that manufactures canvas fashion shoes for Kenyan youngsters.

In 1994, Bakhrani became the sole proprietor of Smart Stuff Agencies which was Africa’s first digital TV network. After working for four years, Bakhrani founded Touchscreen Technologies Ltd. in 1998. The company developed touchscreen kiosks and human interfaces, which helped in increasing the rural computer literacy in Africa. He worked for over 12 years with this company.

2001 - present

Bakhrani co-founded Intersat Africa Limited in 2001. He was the chief executive officer. Intersat Africa became Africa’s first and leading provider of satellite based data solutions. Bakhrani worked for over a decade with this company.

During his time at Intersat, Bakhrani became the chief promoter of Solar Powered Advanced Rural Communications (SPARC) in 2008.[4] SPARC works on the upliftment of the rural community in Africa by providing solutions for education, healthcare and agriculture.

In 2010, Bakhrani founded SmartScreen Ltd. in partnership with Amscreen based in the United Kingdom. SmartScreen is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

In 2011, Bakhrani founded Screen Media LLC, a company that worked on Dubai’s first real time digital information display that was implemented at Dubai World Trade Centre. He left this company in 2014.

In 2012, Bakhrani co-founded Digital Communication LLC, which has worked on several award-winning projects across Dubai.

In 2018, Bakhrani was appointed as the chairman of Inition Limited, a technology innovation agency based in London. The company develops immersive, installation-based experiences for technology companies.


Bakhrani has been a valued panelist at several events including Digital Signage Summit held in 2016 and 2017 Munich.[5] Ecopreneurship Summit held in 2016, Dubai. He was a keynote speaker at OVAB Digital Signage, Munich, and VSAT 2015, London. [6] Bakhrani has been a major part of the following projects:

  • Promoting Rural Internet through the Solar Powered Advanced Rural Communication (SPARC) project in Africa
  • Creator of the Rural Internet Kiosk
  • Introduction of Digital Satellite TV in Kenya
  • Introduction of Broadband Internet in Kenya
  • Design of Media Delivery System for the Triple-Word-Record breaking display at Dubai Mall
  • Creation of the world's first 80K video[7]


  • African Satellite Personality of the Year -  SatCom Star Awards 2010[8]
  • Most Innovative Application of Satellite Award - SatCom Star Awards 2011
  • Best Use of Digital Displays - Digital Signage Summit 2016[9]
  • Best Deployment in Entertainment sector award - DIGI Awards 2017+
  • Best Use of Display Solution - AV Tech Awards 2018

Personal Life

Bakhrani has a son named Ibrahim. He is multilingual and is fluent in English, Swahili, Hindi, Gujrati, Urdu and Cutchi.

In the media



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