Abdelkader Kharraz

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Abdelkader Kharraz
عبد القادر الخراز
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Abdelkader Kharraz
Police career
Service years40
StatusFormer Police officer

Abdelkader El Kharraz, (rabic:عبد القادر الخراز; born 1952 in Kenitra, Morocco) a retired police officer, joined the security service in Kenitra in 1952 for 40 years,[1] Where he served and helped to solve several crimes and arrest some criminals in Morocco, leading him to share stories he lived throughout his career with the rest of Moroccan people.[2]


The General Directorate for National Security

El Kharraz started his career as a security analyst with The General Directorate for National Security in 1973 at the age of 21-year-old in Kenitra where he served and helped to solve several crimes and arrest some criminals in Morocco,[3] After his retirement he worked as a security analyst on 2M Channel "The Most Dangerous Offenders",[4] and received exhaustive follow-up from viewers presenting the investigation study scene,[2] In 2020 El Kharraz start publishing crime stories on social media and spread on the web gaining millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.[5]

TV programs

  • The Most Dangerous Offenders
  • Masrah Al jarima

Personal life

In addition to media work, El Kharraz is active on an associative level. He is Head of the Section of the Association of Retired and Widowed Police Officers in Kenitra and Legal Counsel of the Charity Society for Social Solidarity and Welfare of Orphans in Sidi Alal Al-Bahrawi.[1]


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