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Founded1998; 25 years ago (1998)
HeadquartersMontreal, Quebec

ASOBU is a Canadian manufacturer of environmentally-conscious drinkware.[1][2] Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, ASOBU is best known for offering innovative drinkware alternatives that come with a lifetime warranty.[3][4][5]


ASOBU was launched in 1998 with the aim to revolutionize the drinkware industry by offering a range of bespoke products that are both tech-forward and environmentally conscious.[6] It became the first company to manufacture BPA-Free Tritan bottles in Canada.[7][8][9]

The brand’s name ASOBU is inspired by the Japanese culture where Asobu Asobu refers to fun and playful nature, which is clearly reflected in the products offered that come in a variety of colors and are both stylish and fashion-forward.[10][11][12]

Conservation efforts

ASOBU has been an active proponent of reducing the use of disposable plastics and adopting environmentally conscious products.[13][14][15]


The company manufactures a number of stainless steel and BPA-Free Tritan products, primarily drinkware - tumblers,[16] sippy cups,[17] wine/beer glasses,[18] mugs,[19] and water bottles.[20][21][22]

Awards and recognition

  • Best Gift for Business Travelers Winners, USA TODAY 10Best, 2018
  • Coolest Beer Koozies in 2022 [Buying Guide], GearHungry

In the media



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