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Zvi Yehuda
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  • Scientist
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Years active1953–present

Zvi Yehuda (born 1937) is an Israeli scientist and pioneer in the diamond industry.


Zvi Yehuda joined the diamond industry in 1953. He worked with his father, Ben Zion, who had opened a diamond cleaving school in one of the rooms of their Tel Aviv home. Zvi Yehuda introduced his first pioneering innovation at 16 years old. He discovered a way to recycle used diamond powder created from cutting and bruting diamonds.[1] He would clean the used diamond powder and sell it back to diamond cutters to use for polishing. After demonstrating his technique to Israel's Industry Minister, he was assigned a factory for recycling diamond powder by the government which he ran for the next three years, before opening his own business with his father.[2]

In 1960, at the age of 23, Yehuda introduced the first set of digital scales for diamonds, adapting scales from grams to carats and selling them to factories.[1]

Zvi Yehuda became the first to use laser drilling on diamonds in 1965. He utilized the laser to drill into a diamond containing an Diamond flaw spot imperfection (black piques) in order to clean this imperfection.[3]

In 1977 Yehuda invented the Rough Diamond Colorimeter, a machine which examines rough diamonds and predicts what their color would be after polishing.[4] This machine measures five parameters: Diamond color, blue and yellow fluorescence, Diamond type and fancy yellow colors in five hues.[5]

Zvi Yehuda invented the Diamond Diamond enhancement (fracture filling) in 1982. In this process, a fracture (a visible inclusion often referred to as a “feather”) within the diamond is rendered invisible to the naked eye. This is done by inserting a microscopic amount of material which has the same refractive index as a diamond into the inclusion, using a high-pressure high temperature process.[6] "Yehuda" is now used as a generic term applied to diamonds treated in this manner.[7]

Yehuda's latest invention, The Sherlock Holmes, debuted in 2017 when he was 80 years old. The Sherlock Holmes is a lab-grown diamond detector device that detects HPHT and Synthetic diamond.[2] Although this was not the first machine of its kind, The Sherlock Holmes was tested by a third party- "project ASSURE", and was certified to detect 100% of all lab-grown diamonds.[8]


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