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Zodiac NFT
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ReleaseNovember 2021

Zodiac NFT is a crypto art project based on Zodiac Kings and soldiers and traded as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The project was launched in 2021 by the Metamuseum, a team of 13 people. The project is inspired by the astrology, museum and auction house theme, designed by Isaac Martinez. It will have a Zodiac 3D experience gallery, with each Zodiac being housed in its own 3D virtual reality exhibition.[1]


The storyline of Zodiac NFT revolves around the Zodiac Kings and their soldiers. They emerged from the abyss, ejected from the last rays of light from the dying stars, and returned to the cosmic blanket of nothingness whence they had been born.[2] On the morning of September 22nd, in the year 2021, the planet quietly cracked, producing a ripple across all of space and time for a brief period of time. The Autumnal Equinox, which occurred on that day at precisely 19:21 UTC when the sun and the Celestial Equator lined up perfectly in synchronisation, allowed their Mother—the Earth—to momentarily heal herself. After 127 Blood Moons, in the year 2148, the heavenly skies made the decision to stop the light, gradually pulling their globe into darkness one candlelight star at a time, one lighted star at a time.[3] It was at this point that the 12 Zodiac Kings were sent to restore order to a world that had quickly descended into chaos after each of the five pandemic plagues. These plagues had been foreshadowed in the Jupiter Scrolls, which were written in the first century AD. Written by Jupiter Dragonos, the prophet of Apollo and the light-bearer of Luna, this work is a work of fiction. It was only when the eastern part of the enormous mountain collapsed into the sea that the books were uncovered, revealing an entryway that was no longer guarded.[4] A gateway that is no longer guarded. They are the secret to man's release from darkness and emancipation into the light, and they are found in the Jupiter scrolls. The truth is that they have been concealed by an entity that is devoted to human demise. They are hidden away in the deepest and darkest recesses of the earth, where the light becomes less with each passing day. The world of anguish and darkness is being re-lit by the 12 Zodiac Kings and their Zodiac Soldiers, who are hunting alongside humans in order to collect the manuscripts and restore light to their planet. Anyone who wishes to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Zodiac Soldiers should do so, for their brothers and sisters in the sun, the moon's militia, and the Zodiac's Spirit Warriors. Because it is past time to uncover their destiny, which will restore the light to the earth before the endless eclipse of the universe.[5]


Zodiac NFT is represented as a non-fungible token using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum. Based on 12 Zodiacs kings into circulation, it is considered as a premium and rare NFT. They can be put up for sale and their ownership can be validated for all owners using a blockchain transaction system.[6]

Roadmap of Zodiac NFT

Inventory will be severely restricted as there are only 12 Zodiacs available.

Their 3D VR Gallery will include all 12 Zodiac NFTs that have been created. When viewing artwork in their gallery, visitors will be introduced to a 3D experience. There will be paintings to look at, music to listen to, and audio to tell a tale, among other things. What we have here is more than a gallery; it's an experience in itself.

They will collaborate with leading non-traditional artists to produce 3D representations of their work, which will be shown in their own Gallery within the Meta Museum. Top NFTs are either investment-level NFTs or among the Top 10 in 7 days on OpenSea, depending on the category.

The second Collection will be dropped in the Gallery, based on the suggestion of users on what they want to see.

The Meta Museum has now expanded to include their second collection as well as its partner NFT's. Each collection will be displayed in its own gallery, ensuring that each collection and piece of art offers a completely distinct experience. This is the phase where creators will find a source of revenue.

Everyone's attention will be focused on them after they have shown their ability to be successful with their partners. They will sell the land to the general people in order to showcase their own 3D artwork.

They plan to create a 3D Experience Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Gallery will showcase their best work in virtual reality. Guests will be outfitted with virtual reality goggles and a headset. They will be welcomed into a vast, empty space where they will be exposed to art. Guests will be able to roam around the area and take in the many artefacts on display. Each piece of art will provide a unique experience in and of itself. These in-person virtual reality experiences will serve as a source of income for the company.

Increase the number of land sales near the Meta Museum to benefit Meta Tourism. Everyone will go to their part of the Metaverse to enjoy vacations, travel, and tourism, since it will be the only location to do so.

Open a Meta Auction House for other 3D NFTs to be auctioned and sold in addition to your own. In terms of 3D art, they will be the OpenSea. Instead of seeing a flat 2D website when visitors come to watch their auction, they walk around the galleries and interact with the artwork before making a purchase decision. This is a source of income for the company.


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