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FounderHenkjan De Krijger
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Yoors is a Dutch social media and content sharing network that acts as an investment and earning platform, where members can win rewards for their published content and viewers can invest in great works of arts. The platform is designed to help content creators earn off of their work which is directly proportional to the number of views they generate per article. Yoors pays 1 euro for 1000 organic views generated.[1]


Yoors was founded by Henkjan de Krijger with the aim to disrupt the Dutch social media space and bring in a unique monetary perspective with this digital revolution. Founder Krijger, after having extensive experience as a content marketing specialist decided to further amplify its dominance all by creating such a platform that not only becomes a great online media space but also gives monetary compensation to the writers with unique concepts and ideas by acting both as a social media site and an investment platform.

Business model

Every content published on Yoors is eligible for compensation (1 euro for 1000 views) given the pageviews are organic. The platform also acts as an investment space for the viewers who can give tier YPS (Yoor Points) to support the artists that they love. During these investments, the creator earns a 10% royalty fee, and 10% goes to Yoors to sustain these operations, the rest stays out in the open to grow and attract more investors. The artists can also become investors and invest in their work if they are looking to generate greater ROIs.


Yoors as a social media platform that operates on a Human to Human distribution model facilitating a number of unique features such as:

No Ads

Yoors platform is completely free from paid advertisements and the proceeds for running the platform are generated from selling subscriptions to the members, which makes the experience smooth for them without the interference of any advertisement to hinder it.

Monetary compensation

The USP of Yoors platform is that it offers a chance to both the content creators as well as to the viewers to make money by speaking up their minds and sharing interactive posts.


Since the platform does not entertain any advertisers, the entire premise of sharing data goes null and void, thus protecting the privacy of the members and ensuring anonymity and security.

No Censorship

Another highlighting feature of Yoors platform is that it has a no censorship model that allows the members to have freedom of speech and share their opinions on pressing matters without any fear.

No Filter Bubble

Since there are no algorithms in play that filter the content, the members get the space to share their piece, which is then ranked according to the votes they acquire, facilitating an all fair play.

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