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Yeshiva Gedola of Los Angeles
5444 West Olympic Boulevard,


United States
FounderRabbi Dovid Grossman
PrincipalRabbi Shmuel Baruch Manne
Head teacherRabbi Eliezer Gross

Yeshiva Gedola of Los Angeles (YGLA), also known in English as Michael Diller High School, is a strictly Orthodox, Haredi Jewish high school located in Los Angeles, California. The current Dean and Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Eliezer Gross. The Executive Director and Administrator is Rabbi Yossi Gross, one of the Rosh Yeshiva's sons[1]; the school's Secular Studies Principal is Rabbi Shmuel Baruch Manne.[2]

The school also operates a Beis Medrash Program for two years, starting in 12th grade and going on for a year afterwards.[2]

With one of its founding members (Rabbi Dovid Grossman) being a graduate of Beis Medrash Govoha (BMG) and YGLA sending many of its graduates to BMG, the hashkafa--or theological leaning--of the Yeshiva is very much aligned with with Litvish stream of Haredi Judaism. Within the wider Haredi, Yeshivish community (known colloquially as the "Yeshivishe Veldt") YGLA is known and respected for its high-level and intense Talmud program, and successfully sends its graduates to top-tier Yeshivas such as Yeshivas Brisk in Jerusalem.[3][4][5]


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