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Connecticut's Yale Institution is a private Ivy League research university in the city of New Haven. It was originally known as the Collegiate School when it was established in 1701, making it the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the most renowned in the world.

The Collegiate School, one of nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution, was renamed Yale College in 1718 in honour of Elihu Yale, the school's biggest private donor during its first century of existence. Yale College is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The Collegiate School, which was chartered by Connecticut Colony and established in 1701 by clergy to train Congregational ministers before relocating to New Haven in 1716, was founded to educate Congregational pastors. While religion and holy languages were first excluded from the curriculum, by the time of the American Revolution, it had begun to include humanities and sciences as well. During the nineteenth century, the institution extended its offerings to include graduate and professional programmes, granting the first PhD in the United States in 1861 and establishing itself as an independent university in 1887. Yale's staff and student populations increased rapidly after 1890, as the university's physical campus and scientific research developed at a fast pace.