Xassan Calas

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Xassan Calas
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Other namesCaabudwaaq
Known forLongest serving mayors of the city of Abudwak
Notable work
Announced a new policy centred on the gentrification and cleanliness of the city of Abudwak.

Xassan Calas, better known by the nickname Caabudwaaq, is one of the longest serving mayors of the city of Abudwak. The majority of his constituents were adherents of Sufism and as such, this assuaged the entry of ASWJ, a Sufi group into the city. ASWJ was launched in response to takfirism by Wahhabi inspired groups who viewed Sufism in a negative light. During the late 2000's, his office was mainly concerned with countering such religious sectarianism, whilst in the 2010s, he office mainly concerned with amalgamating his territories into the extant formation of Galmudug State.[1] As the mayor of the largest town in western Galmudug, he also by extension administered subnational entities such as ASWJ during the transitional phase of the Somali government, and expressed his support for the newly inaugurated Somali president Xassan Sheikh Maxamuud in 2012.[2][3] In 2017, he announced a new policy centred on the gentrification and cleanliness of the city of Abudwak.[4]


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