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Wonky Donkey NFT
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Developer(s)Wonky Donkey

Wonkey Donkey NFT is a blockchain based art project that features 10,000 unique degen donkeys, and cruelty that they face by their owners. The project also includes an eComic book that features the Wonkey Donkey gang that will fight back their evil farm owners. Wonkey Donkeys NFT’s key feature are traits that are general in real time and are random, during the minting.

Wonkey Donkey NFT also has a Donkey Den Museum and 10% of total funds from minting will be allocated as a prize to the NFT holders. There is a limitation of holding 5 Wonkey Donkeys NFT in a valet during presale and 10 Wonkey Donkeys NFT during the official launch. The initial price to mint a Wonkey Donkey is 0.12 ETH.


Wonkey Donkey NFT features a story where d-gen donkeys are mistreated by their cruel farmers. They have identified a farm where they are trying to bring all of the donkeys together to build up their great defenses and protect themselves from the villains who are out to steal. There are a total of 10,000 donkeys that need to be found and brought back to the farm. There are 53 very important donkeys that are very valuable to and will be receiving the best prizes.

The focus is on 20 donkeys, all with a beautiful bronze shine and they will receive 0.5 ETH and donkeys with silver shine will receive 1 ETH. 10 donkeys with a gold shine will get 2 ETH and 5 donkeys with multi-colored shine get 4 ETH.

The holders will have access to whitelist and private sale opportunities, educational courses, whale groups and communities, networking events and live seminars and training events. Wonkey Donkey benefits will include access to staking your NFT in our play to earn game, physical comic drops, WL to future NFT drops including the villains and yearly Wonkey Donkey party.


Each Wonkey Donkey NFT will be available for minting at .12 ETH. The owners of non-fungible tokens can sell and buy them with a verified ownership through smart contract. The traits will be randomly generated during minting and allows its users to claim NFTs when gas fee is low.


25% sale: It will entail a large charitable donation, the start of comic book production, and verification on the open sea.

50% sale:It will include a large celebrity drop, the release of a Wonkey Donkey comic teaser, and the start of production on the Donkey Den NFT Staking Game.

75% sale: In this phase the villians will be introduced, Wonkey Donkey Comic will be released, and The Donkey Coin Community will be opened.

100% sale: In this phase Physical Wonkey Donkey comics will be given to OG Holders, Premier Release of 100 Villian NFTS, Monthly Comic Drops, Donkey Coin Launch, Villians NFT Collection Launch, and Donkey Coin And Donkey Den NFT Staking Game Integration.


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