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Wolf Schijns
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Born (1940-02-02) 2 February 1940 (age 84)
Heerlen, Netherlands
Alma materDelft University of Technology
AwardsAward for Architecture in West-Brabant
Buildings‘De Driehoek’, social housing for 133 homes in Breda

Wolf Schijns (born 2 February 1940) is a Dutch architect, designer and author who was teaching architectural design at the Eindhoven University of Technology and had his own firm in Breda. In 1989 he received the Award for Architecture in West-Brabant.


Wolf Schijns was born on 2 February 1940 in Heerlen.

He completed his studies at the Delft University of Technology in 1967 as an architect and structural engineer and completed his PhD on African architecture in 2005 at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


During and after his studies, from 1964 to 1972, he worked with architects van Embden, Haak and Margry.

Major part of his career, which took from 1967 to 2005, he has been teaching architectural design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He also teached at the Academies of Fine Art and Architecture AKV_St._Joost in Breda, Tilburg and Amsterdam, the Delft University of Technology and the École nationale d'ingénieurs in Bamako, Mali.

At Eindhoven University of Technology, he conducted architectural research on the issue of sustainable building. Particularly on vernacular and archaeological adobe architecture in West Africa and Egypt with a leading dissertation on the architecture of the Dogon in Mali.

His architectural practice was conducted together with Margriet Schijns in their architectural firm Architectenburo Schijns in Breda, from 1974 to 2000. Margriet Schijns was born on 25 July 1940 and graduated as an interior architect in 1964 at the Academy of Fine Arts AKV_St._Joost in Breda. In the firm they made the designs, studies and realisations of various architecture, urbanism and interior projects. Realisations of projects where focused on renovation, built heritage and restauration (in Mali and Egypt), social housing, adobe architecture and interior design. With affinity for the visual arts.



  • Renovation house, with doctors practice. City of Breda, Mauritssingel. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1973.
  • Interior retirement center ‘De Mantel’, Voorburg, Klaverweide. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1974
  • Law firm with home, Zundert, Onder de mast. Architect: Schijns Architects Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1982
  • Student housing, in urban renewal Old city of Breda, Pasbaan. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1982
  • Djenné hospital and 5 medical centers in Mali, Djenné, Konio, Sofara, Mougnan, Taga, Kouakourou. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf Schijns et al. Direction: Construction ministry Bamako, S.N.V.Mali. Financed by FENU-Mali. Delivery construction: 1985
  • Dogon village in the Afrika Museum, reconstruction Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1986
  • ‘De Driehoek’, social housing, Breda Center of Breda-North, Groenedijk. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1989
  • Houses in the plan ’t Holle, Roosendaal ’t Holle, Roosendaal. Design competition BNA West-Brabanct. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1992
  • ‘Brink plan Overkroeten’, residential area with 205 houses. Haagse Beemden, Breda. Nomination architecture prize Breda. Architect: Schijns Architects., with Ben Baudoin Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1993
  • ‘Apartmentbuilding Overkroeten’ for 40 homes in Breda Haagse Beemden, Overkroeten, Breda. Architect: Schijns Architects, with Ben Baudoin. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1994
  • Carwash centre ‘Christ’, Ringbaan–Zuid, Tilburg. Nomination architecture prize Tilburg. Architect: Schijns Architects, with Ben Baudoin. Design: Wolf Schijns. Delivery construction: 1997
  • Archeological training and conservation centre, Dachla Oasis, Mut. Dachla Oasis, Egypt. Vernacular mudbrick architecture. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Direction: Tony Mills, Dakhleh Oasis Project. Delivery construction: 1998
  • Seniorhouses and paramedic practices, De Leeuwerik, Reeshof, Tilburg. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns. Delivery construction: 1999
  • Restauration project in the old center of Quasr, Egypt. El Quasr, Dachla Oasis, Egypt. Archeological site in mudbrick architecture. Architect: Wolf Schijns. Design: Wolf Schijns et al. Direction: Fred Leemhuis, Qasr Dakhleh Project. Delivery construction: 2010


  • Youth center in Alexanderpolder. Center Alexanderpolder, Rotterdam, 1971. Commissioned by neighborhood development. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • ‘Vest pocket’ theater Woensel. Shopping center, Woensel, Eindhoven, 1977. Commissioned by foundation ‘Vest pocket’ theater Woensel. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Housing plan in Ginneken, Breda. Postlaan, Ginneken, 1977. Commissioned by urban development department. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Redesigns of the ‘Tolhuis’ at the harbor in Breda. Harbor, Breda, 1983. Commissioned by urban development department. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Designresearch for the center Hoge Vucht, Breda Center, Breda-Noord, 1985-’87. Commissioned by urban development department. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Urban plan for the ‘Houtmarkt’ and surroundings, Old city centre, Breda, 1987. Commissioned by urban development department. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Urban plan with housing ‘De Kleine Schans’, De Kleine Schans, Terheijden, 1992-’97. Commissioned by the urban development department of Terheijden. Welfare award 1997. Architect: Schijns Architects. Urban design: Wolf Schijns. Design housing: Schijns, Strik, van Bokhoven.


  • Church and community center in Overvecht, Residential area Overvecht, Utrecht, 1968. Honorable mention. Architect: Schijns Architect Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • ‘HEMA’ department store in Gouda Kleiweg, city of Gouda, 1969 Architect: Schijns Architects. BNA competition, honorable mention. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • ‘Dorpshuis’ in Vlist, Alblasserwaard, 1970. Architect: Schijns Architects. BNA competition, Second prize. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Retirement Homes in Loenen aan de Vecht Loenen at the Vecht, 1977. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Urban ideas sketch for the center of the Hoge Vucht,Breda Center Breda-Noord, 1982. BNA competition. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.
  • Repurposing old time lime kilns. Industrial monument, Daelsweg, Voerendaal, 1986. Competition ‘Rural heritage’ U.K. Architect: Schijns Architects. Design: Wolf and Margriet Schijns.


Exhibitions on architecture

  • 'Grieks Schetsboek'. Exhibitions in: Library Architecture TH Eindhoven, Haarlem Provincial House and the Academy of Architecture Tilburg. 1981-’82
  • ‘Redesign of the Boschpoort’. In: 'Biënnale jung Dutch Architects'. Exhibition in: Architecture Museum 'De Droogbak' Amsterdam, 1983.
  • 'Villa for Casanova', in: 'Architecture in Lego'. Exhibitions in: Gallery Westersingel Rotterdam. Academy of Architecture Tilburg. Groninger Museum. Dutch Documentation Center for Architecture, A'dam. TH Eindhoven. Museum Bommel-van Dam, Venlo. 1984
  • 'Exposition speciale d'Architecture'. Contribution to the exebition in: Ecole Speciale d'Architecture (254 Bd Raspail Paris), concours avec la nouvelle biennale de Paris. Paris 1985
  • Scale model of a ‘Stadsvilla’, ’De korte grens´. In: exhibition 'Teacher plans' Academy of Architecture, Tilburg and 'Het Kijkvenster’ for visual arts, Breda. 1987.
  • Model installation in artist studio ‘De Zaak’. In: exebition 'The Plumbers Coqtail Lounge', center for contemporary visual art, Groningen, 1988
  • 'Architectuur en wonen'. Exhibition about the work of W.Schijns on the occasion of the W.Brabant, Architecture award, in: de Beijerd, center for visual arts, Breda, 1989.
  • ‘De Kleine Schans’,Terheijden. Welfare Award, in: Welfare Care N.Brabant, Den Bosch. 1997
  • 'Wie tekent ziet meer'. Architectural drawings by P.Schmid and W.Schijns in: the Waalres Museum. Waalre. 2010
  • 'Kunst aus den Niederlanden', Margriet en Wolf Schijns in: Kulturhaus Galerie Metschge. Erdösmecske, Hungariën. 2019

Exhibitions on African architecture

  • 'Beelden en Bouwen bij de Dogon' Report of research trip to Mali with Herman Haan. Photographs and drawings. In: KSA, Dep. Architecture TH Eindhoven. oct. -nov. 1978.
  • 'Architectuur van de Dogon'. Exhibition of relevant drawings and photographs. In: the National Museum of Ethnology, Breda. May-Sept.1980.
  • 'Djenne, Building and Living in Mali'. Report Architecture - Antropology research, documentations and plans for a hospital project. In: Dep. Architecture, KSA, TUE nov-dec. 1984.
  • 'Dogon Alben', contribution to the exhibition 'Andernorts'. in: HDK Hochschule der Künste, in the context of IBA. Berlin . oct. 1984.
  • 'Installation in artist studio 01’ Breda. Exhibition of adobe models, in: 'Encounters with the Dogon', Visual Arts center ‘Lokaal 01’, Breda. May 1985.
  • 'Reconstruction of a Dogon village ' with authentic interiors. In: the outdoor museum of the ’Africa Museum’ . Berg en Dal. 1986. (see Wikimedia Commons)
  • 'Architectural Drawings from Mali', contribution to an exhibition in the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden. 1990.
  • 'Documentation of Dogon architecture'. Contribution to an exhibition about the slavery past. In the Anthropological Museum of Willemstad, Curacau. 1990.
  • 'Architecture in Earth from Mali'. exhibition in 'Het Veem', Amsterdam. 1992.


Books and articles on architecture

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  • 1981 'Grieks schetsboek'. Publication accompanying the same exhibition. Faculty of Architecture TU Eindhoven, 1981
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Books and articles on African architecture

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Publications and references on African architecture

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  • Award for Architecture in West-Brabant, 1989.


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